Andrea Instructions

You are to complete approximately 1 hour of trial work exercises to assess your suitability for this role.

I Am Interested In…

How quickly and how well you complete the tasks
But even more so how well you talk through what you are doing as you are doing it
→ I need to hear you talking through your thinking and reasoning step by step as you go throughout doing the tasks
just like you had to ‘show your working’ during maths classes at school
this is especially important if you encounter anything challenging or aren’t sure what to do → talk me through how you are understanding the situation

1. Start Recording with Loom

I highly recommend downloading the Windows app of Loom
Sign out of Loom if you are already signed in to a personal account
Sign in with these details instead so you can record longer videos
password → Andreajane1!
Start recording a new Loom
Make sure you are recording the screen with Loom NOW
Make sure your webcam image appears in the bottom left
Make sure your mic is working
Ensure you choose the correct mic input when recording on Loom → it can default to the one on your computer which is not the one for your headset
Make sure you are speaking loudly and clearly enough to be heard
Remember that if you use Loom from your browser, at the end you need to keep the Loom tab in your browser open while it uploads your video - don’t close it before it’s done

Stop! Are you ready to proceed?

You must have Loom recording already
this is an exam-style setup
you cannot restart recording or redo anything
you must not pause recording
you are not allowed to check the materials first and prepare your response before you start the Loom recording
you must submit the link to your video right at the end of the hour
You must now be ready to spend the next hour working on the tasks
Only when you are ready to proceed, visit the following link to get to the trial work exercises
This is a one time access link
The time when you view the link is recorded and the video you submit should be exactly one hour after.
and the password is andreajane

Good luck!
THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT Make sure you talk through what you are doing throughout the exercises → I need to know what you are thinking
And ensure you STOP recording at the 1 hour mark and submit your video link right away in the Upwork chat
You can submit the link to the video even while it is still uploading
You must leave the Loom browser tab open to ensure it uploads if it has not uploaded automatically while you are recording (depends on your internet connection speed)

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.