Download CSVs from Factor

For customers who need to download their information, like ship and delivery dates, Factor provides CSV export functionality. If exporting CSVs is necessary for your workflows, here’s how to do it.

Determine the format with which you’d like to download your CSV.

Factor can export your open line items using either Factor’s default format, your existing CSV import functionality, or a new custom CSV format just for downloads that we create for you. If you’re not sure which one is the best to use, here are some tips:
Use Factor’s format if you plan to create one-off reporting
Use Factor’s format if you are going to create a new reporting template that can use any format
Use your existing custom format if you plan to use the CSV to update the same system from which you exported your open line items
Use your existing custom format OR a new custom format if you need to import Factor data into another system
Use your existing custom format OR a new custom format if you have existing reports built that require a specific format


The Factor default CSV follows this format: .
We’re happy to help you create a custom template for downloading CSVs. For assistance creating a custom template, please contact .

Download your CSV from Factor

Log in to your Factor account.
On the Track page, click the button in the top right-hand corner of the page: “Download items.”
In the dialogue that opens, select the template you wish to use to export your items from the dropdown. If your organization has any custom templates, one will be selected as the default; otherwise, you can use . Please note, at this time Factor will only download open items; items marked by your suppliers as delivered will be excluded from the CSV.
Click Download item list.
Factor will begin preparing your download in the background. Do not close your browser during this time.
When the download is ready, it will download directly to your browser.

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