Upload CSVs via Email

Factor can ingest customers’ CSVs in multiple different ways, including via email. If this method is most convenient for your business, here’s how to do it.
Before you upload your open orders to Factor, make sure you have a Factor account created. .
Once you have a Factor account, you can upload orders easily with a few steps:

Determine the format with which you need to upload your CSV.

Factor can accept your open orders using either Factor’s default format or a custom CSV format we create for you. If you’re not sure which one is the best to use, here are some tips:
Use Factor’s format if you do not already keep an open orders list and you need to create a CSV from scratch to get your orders into Factor
Use Factor’s format if you’d like to upload your CSV directly into the Factor application using the Add items button without assistance from our team
Use a custom format if you plan to export your open orders in CSV format from another system and upload them to Factor
Use a custom format if you have an existing open orders list that you would like to use to track orders in Factor


If you track expected ship and delivery dates, use .
If you do not track both of these dates, use .
For assistance creating a custom format, please contact .

Email your CSV to Factor

Using the email address with which you created your Factor account, create a new email addressed to .
Attach your CSV you created to this email. Ensure you only attach one CSV or the upload will fail.
If you have used a Factor template, simply click Send. The items will automatically appear in your account.
If you have used a custom template, Factor has to know what template to use when ingesting your CSV. To tell Factor how to read your template, copy the following code and paste it in the body of the email:
{“fieldMappingSid” : “abcdefg12345678”,"forceItemGroupsNotPresentDelivered": true,"membersToNotifyOnFailure": ","}
Replace “abcdefg12345678” with the unique identifier of your template provided to you by the Factor team.
“forceItemGroupsNotPresentDelivered” is an optional parameter. You do not have to include it. If you do, the items from any previously uploaded files will be marked as delivered.
“membersToNotifyOnFailure” is an optional parameter. You do not have to include it. If you do, and the upload fails, the emails in the comma-separated list will be notified.
Your email should look something like this, below:
Now you can send your email! Factor will automatically ingest your CSV using the custom map you referenced in the body of the email.

Potential Errors

It is possible for your upload via email to fail. In the case of a failure, Factor will send you an email informing you of why the upload failed. The failure can be for one of the following four reasons:
No attachments input into inbound email. Your email did not have any attachments. Try resending the email and ensure you attach your CSV.
Number of attachments is ambiguous. You attached too many files. Try resending the email with only 1 CSV attached.
Json input for inbound email is not valid. There is a mistake in the custom code you copied into the body of the email. Revisit the instructions above and try sending your email again.
Open order upload failed. The upload failed for another reason. Try sending your email again, or contact for more assistance.

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