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Ezeugo Anukem

According to census data obtained
, there are over
2.6 million
black businesses in America.

These businesses are varied in who & where they service, but all have a focus on creating value in their communities locally and globally.

Fundera, a platform to compare small business loans aggregated and surmised the business statistics of minority owned businesses

Here are some highlights:

Black-owned businesses generated $150.2 billion in gross revenue as recently as 2012.
The most popular category for Black-owned businesses is health care.
Washington, D.C. has the highest percentage of Black-owned businesses.
The average level of startup capital for Black entrepreneurs is just $35,205.
Black-owned businesses employ approximately 920,000 people.
35% of Black business owners are women.
New York has the greatest number of Black-owned businesses in the country.
58% of Black business owners said their business’s financial health is “at risk” or “distressed” during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The average level of startup capital for Black entrepreneurs is just $35,205.
Black people make up more than 13% of the U.S. population, but only own 7% of the businesses there.

In honor of Black History Month, we created a doc to crowdsource black owned businesses in your area.

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