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Why ?

During the summer 2021, I had to go trough blood analysis, scans, ...
I realize that, in France, except if you are doing you blood analysis always at the same place you can have a historic otherwise nothing, even the doctors do not have those information. They received the result by post office or fax, they look at the last value but they do not have the evolution of the analysis.
I realize that it is the same for most of the medical data. Even scans, ... each time you visit a doctor you need to come with the results on papers,...
It is a real pain for everyone because you need to keep everything and worst if you have an urgent matter you do not have your prescriptions with you, ... and nobody will know all this.
I decided to create a doc to store those informations. The idea is to store the information for you but I am working on a new version where you can use it for your family.
You can share the doc with your family, even your doctor, and therefore if something happens those people can tell what meds you are taking, the exams, the doctors you are seeing ...

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