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The aim of the document is to create or import a data dictionary and visualize the data tables and relationship in order to get a global view of your DB.
This document uses the mermaid pack done by in order to make this rendering.

Custom parameters

In order to use the doc correctly you will need to define different custom parameters in the page.
Data Type represents the type you will use in the page. In this table you can list all the type (string, double, int...) in order to use them after in the creation of the tables.

There is a regex match to be sure that there is no special characters for you to easy understand why you cannot visualise the table in case of problem.
Relationship labels represents all the labels you would like to see in the link between two tables. In this section you define all the relationship you will use in the data dictionary section.

Data dictionary

In this page you will create all the tables of you database and the attributs for each table.
A table has the following fields :
Name : the name of the table this name will be displayed in the image.
Description : A description for the table. The description is optional field for the graphic presentation of the table
The attributs section : All the attributs for the table.
Name : name of the attributs (Mandatory)
Type : one of the types define in the custom parameters page. (Mandatory)
Key : In order to determine if the attributs is a primary key (PK), a foreign key (FK) or blank if not applicable.
if PK is defined the attribut will be green
if FK is defined the attribut will be blue
Comment : In this field you will write the comment that you want to see in the graphical presentation of the table

There is a regex match to be sure that there is no special characters in the name of the table or in the name of the attribut. this rule will display the name field in red because the pack will not be able to understand if there is spaces for exemple.
There is also a rule for the mandatory fields to be in red until not blanck

Table relationships

You have 4 different types of relationships that you can use in the Left relationship and Right relationship :
Zero or one
Exactly one
Zero or more (no upper limit)
One or more (no upper limit)
This list is defined by mermaid so it cannot be changed. In order to avoid any mistakes the table containing the parameters is separated from the other parameters that can be customized.
Relationship : The relationship configured in the in the relationships label table. This field is optional.
Left and Right represent the tables concerns by the relationship. (Mandatory)

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