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Coordinating Candidates

Move candidates from phone screen to interview in a single click
Would you rather waste time navigating a clunky Applicant Tracking System, or have a tool that lets you move candidates from phone screen to interview in a single click?
Scheduling can be chaos. Every minute of every day is calls, emails, and follow-ups. It's easy to let things fall through the cracks, especially if you're stuck menu diving in complex tools. This doc removes friction from moving someone through the process, so you can focus on getting the next call scheduled.

How It's Organized

Our favorite autonomous stroller company is moving their Coordinators and Recruiters into one tracker to understand pipeline and turnaround time. Includes an easy way for Coordinators to signal they need help when they're underwater.

Author Notes

As a Coordinator, I use to live in a spreadsheet. It was the easiest way to get things during my lightspeed days. But every time I needed to keep my recruiters updated with pipeline, or when I go out of office, it was a nightmare to get everything together. This doc is my answer!
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