Evan Bo

Team: Promotion

🗺️ Where I’m from
I am from Anhui, China, and living in Vancouver, Canada with my family. I was in Montreal for two and half years. Living in the west coast (at least in Canada) definitely makes my life way easier during winter.
💼 Where I’ve worked
Microsoft (2.5 years): My first full-time job.
SenseTime (6 months): Internship. It’s a “startup” company in China focusing on producing Machine Learning related products.
🎢 When I’m not working
⛷ Skiing & 🏂 Snowboarding
One of key points that I like Vancouver!
⚽️ Soccer Games
🥘 Cooking
❇️ Me at work / My professional values

Prefer to focus on delivery rather than the time.
Work on trust.
Love to work with cool people!

🙋 Why I’m here

Coda product is super attractive and impressive. I really want to contribute to the next generation of all-in-one docs! I look forward to working with cool people and building cool stuff!

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