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Working with Eric

👋 Meet Eric
Started at Slack in November 2017
3 years at Deloitte, 2 years in Corporate Finance, 10 years in Tech
Held roles in Consulting, Corporate Finance, Sales, Solutions Engineering
Loves building relationships, solving complex problems, continuously improving.
Lives in Connecticut with 👩 Meghann, 👦 Jackson (5), 👧 Riley (4), 👶 👶 Jordan & Hudson (2) and 🐶 Deakin (10)
Best way to collaborate with me
Slack for work/messaging/huddles/async video
Zoom for video (it’s nice to see people, but being on Zoom for 9 hours a day can be a bit much!)
LinkedIn for work-social
Face to Face (Nothing can replace it!)
Unless we are brainstorming let’s have an agenda and meeting purpose 🙇

GIF that best describes my working style

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