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What Do I Do If...

The guide below is formatted with Coda's team names and solutions. Please make a copy and update the content with what works best for your team!
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My interview is running long.
Please reach out to the next interviewer over Slack to let them know.
I'm going to be late for my interview.
Please let Erica and the interview before you know. Make sure that person knows to either spend extra time with the candidate or inform them that the next loop might be starting late.
I'm on Zoom and the candidate is late.
If there's a previous interview, please reach out to the interviewer to see if it's running late.
If there's no interview or the interview isn't running late, please e-mail candidate (and CC Erica) checking in. The candidate's e-mail will be in the calendar invite.
If the candidate does not respond, please reach out to Erica.
The candidate has bad wifi/a noisy background.
Troubleshoot if you can:
Ask the candidate to rejoin Zoom
Have the candidate try to call into Zoom using Zoom's phone feature instead of internet audio
See if the candidate can move to a quieter place or somewhere with better wifi
If it's still not working out, politely let the candidate know it'll be best to reschedule. Please reach out to Erica who will help make arrangements to reschedule the interview.
The candidate is having trouble sharing their screen.
Please walk the candidate through sharing a screen via Zoom. The candidate needs to go to Zoom's toolbar (which is sometimes hidden at the bottom of the screen) and click the 'Share Screen' button. Then, they can choose to either share a specific screen or their whole desktop.
The candidate's audio isn't connected.
If the candidate can't hear you, please use Zoom's chat feature to instruct the candidate to 'Join Audio'.
If the candidate can't hear you and they don't see the chat, please send them an email. Their e-mail address will be in the calendar invite.
I don't see a Zoom link in the invite.
Please reach out to Erica.
If no response, please send the candidate a new Zoom invite using the email address in the doc.
I don't see the candidate's email address.
The first place to look will be the calendar invite for the interview. If it's not there, please inform Erica.
If no response, please check in with Harry.

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