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Conduct Remote Interviews for Teams

How to conduct a positive remote interviewing experience for your team and candidates.
5 Tips for Creating a Great Experience
Over the last year and a half I've been at Coda, candidate experience has always been and always will be my highest priority. Whether it's fast response times, flexibility with scheduling, sending thoughtful notes, it all matters. While many of us are likely used to a rhythm for creating a top notch candidate experience in the office, transitioning this to a fully remote model can be challenging. I've definitely had some learning moments and would like to take some time to share these tips with others out there going through a similar transition.
I hope you find some ideas that work for you in this doc! To use this internally, make a copy of this doc and update it with your personal and/or company's information.
1. 💻 The right tools lead to a smooth experience.
Choose a video conferencing platform that's functional and reliable, like
or .
Think through the logistics of making this system work well for your team. . For example, you might want one meeting ID for the full interview loop, or unique meeting IDs for each one.
Be sure to send the proper information to candidates in advance, such as calendar invites with the proper links.
You can also send instructions to install and test any required software prior to the scheduled call.
2. ⏰ Practice punctuality!
We've all been on Zoom by ourselves wondering what's going on - it's a little awkward! Make sure to regularly remind your interviewers to dial in on time.
Coda Pro Tip: You can connect Coda with your team's interviewing calendar and set up automated Slack messages to remind people 5 minutes before their interview!
3. 😁 Keep it engaging, fun, and appropriate for all candidates.
There are many things you can do to make sure candidates still feel really positive about your company despite never visiting your office. Some ideas include:
Scheduling time for informal chats with team members to share more about the fun parts of your company culture that typically get picked up during an in-person interview.
Share something you love about your company. We encourage employees to share their favorite Coda docs.
Share additional content about the company, like a Coda doc with information about what it's like working on different teams, office culture, great perks, and fun traditions.
Communicate the Dos and Don'ts of interviewing.
Stay clear away from inappropriate questions, even if they seem innocuous. For example, don't ask candidates about where they're from, where they live, their marital status, sexual orientation, etc.
Stay sensitive about COVID-19, and be empathetic to people's individual situations. They may have lost a loved one or been laid off from their job.
Only make appropriate jokes. People's humor might not always be obviously offensive or outrageous, but it's better to be cautious here.
4. 📆 Take advantage of modified schedules
Remote interviewing ends up being much easier to schedule, so you'll be able to schedule candidates in faster.
Be sure to adapt to your team's work-from-home schedule, or any restrictions the candidate might have, such as taking care of kids who are out of school.
You may find it's less cumbersome to break a longer panel into multiple days, which wasn't possible with in-person interviews.
5. 🧐 Share a "What If..." guide with your team
You can predict some of the scenarios that might pop up during a remote interview. Share a reference guide for your team to be prepared on how to handle these.
Check out Coda's guide.
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