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New Hire Onboarding Guide

A simple New Hire Onboarding guide to help get folks set up for success.

Welcome to Coda's New Hire Onboarding Guide!

At Coda, we've been using an onboarding guide for new hires since before I started! We've found it helps folks understand what's coming up and can help keep them on track.

In this doc you'll find a simple onboarding guide for new hires. To use this doc, just make a copy and fill out your company's information! There's a variety of sections to help new hires get oriented. These sections include:

- basic information about the doc
- what the new hire should prepare in advance
- information about getting set up at the company
- an overview of the team's structure, members, etc.
- more information on meetings etc.
- a guide to learning the product
- a section for the new hire to add feedback on the onboarding process (if they'd like to!)

Each section also includes a checklist with to-do items and a master checklist under

Feel free to add/delete/modify sections that work for you and your team! Maybe you'd have a section on external vendors or tools your team uses or something else entirely! This doc is meant to be flexible to your company and its needs.

Without further ado, let's jump right in with the
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