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Who doesn't love toys?!?! Toys are a great way to help your cat get their energy out and be engaged.
There are generally two types of play, self-play and interactive play.
Self-play is when cats entertain themselves! This can be expressed in the form of playing with toys on their own. Maybe you've seen a cat run around with a toy in its mouth, dropping it to bat it around? That's self-play. Self-play is important so make sure to have lots of toys around!
Interactive play is when cats interact for entertainment - this could be with you! Make sure to spend lots of time playing with your kitty. Some popular toys for play include toys with fabric on the end and toys with feathers on the end. Try dragging it around on the floor like a mouse would run and twirling it around in the air like a bird would fly!
There's tons of toys out there and each cat likes different ones so poke around and figure out what your kitty likes!
Tip: as tempting as it may be, don't play with your hands, this will teach your cat bad habits and normalize biting you and guests in your home.
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