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Ah litter boxes... the bane of my existence.
Litter boxes may be smelly but are really important. There are some special considerations to be taken, though!
Number of Litter Boxes:
The best situation is one box per cat + one extra! At a very minimum you should try to have one box per cat (that's all that fits into my apartment!)
Hooded vs Open:
Hooded litter boxes may be convenient for us humans but not so much for our feline friends. They prefer to be able to look around while they do their business. Just something to keep in mind!
Type of Litter:
You'd be surprised how many types of litter there are! The main two are clumping litter and clay litter which both have their merits and demerits. One thing to note is that your cat may already have a preference and might not like changing the litter they use! If you have the chance, take note of what litter your cat uses before you pick them up.
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