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Food & Water

Ah, the basic necessities... food and water!
This might sound like a no-brainer but make sure to feed them and give them clean water! Where it gets a little more complicated is what the heck do I feed them?!
Food can be a tricky subject, some cats don't really care what they eat, others are super picky eaters. There's lots of brands out there to choose from though you'll notice there's 2 distinct types of food, wet and dry. There's even special food for certain diets! As you'll read a lot in my guide, a great way to know what's up is to talk to your veterinarian. For our kitties we use a mix of wet food and dry, wet food being their main source of food with kibble as a mid-day snack!
When you come home with your best friend make sure to check with the shelter/breeder what your cat was being fed. If you choose to feed your cat a new type of food make sure to slowly transition from one to the other or risk your furry little friend getting a bit of a tummy ache and throwing up on your newly washed carpet. If you get a kitten, you'll slowly need to transition to adult food as well.

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