Mutual Action Plan Template

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Mutual Action Plan Template

Improve the buying experience and keep everyone aligned throughout your sales process.
Hi there. 👋
My name is Eric. I’m an Account Executive @ Coda.
Throughout my sales career (previously was at Zendesk, Google, and InVision) I’ve used countless different mutual action plans templates across docs, sheets, and other applications. All of them were intended to be more seamless, more collaborative, and easier to use than the previous iteration, but ultimately resulted in stitching together a couple of different documents along with meeting notes to work effectively. One of the reasons I joined Coda, is that a Coda doc truly combines all the elements we need for a Mutual Action Plan in one place:
Documentation of goals, objectives, and success criteria
Tables to easily organize tasks and ownership of tasks
Space for meeting notes + the ability to send out recaps directly to email or Slack

I’ve built all this out in a Coda doc that we use internally for running Mutual Action Plans, so feel free to make a copy, personalize it to fit you, and stay more aligned with customers on your deals!
What this doc includes:
: The core of the doc. A place to keep track all the agreed upon steps in the process, who own’s certain actions, and whether everything is on track.
: Area to clearly lay out all of the key objectives to be solved, easily visible and reference-able through the evaluation.
: A list of the internal team supporting the client, as well as your client’s key players. Use a scale column-type to track their sentiment towards your product or service.
: A page to note outstanding tasks on both sides. Quickly add a task during a meeting by using the “Add Follow-Up” button on the Meetings page.
Use this Coda doc to build your Account Plans
To use this template, simply
Copy this doc
and start filling in your client’s information.
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