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Coda vs. Confluence

Capabilities Comparison

When comparing Coda to Confluence, it is important to remember that Coda starts as a doc, and can be built up to a full fledged knowledge management system, rather than simply being an out of the box knowledge management system (although there templates of wikis in you can copy and use). That being said, here is a side by side comparison of some of the core features on each:
Capabilities Comparison
Coda Capabilities
Co-create and communicate effectively with a team. Includes live editing, comments, workflow management, centralization of data.
⭐ Key Differentiator
Not Available
Coda allows for live editing with multiple collaborators simultaneously. Confluence editing must be completed in unpublished drafts.
Content Your Way
Communicate in a clear and compelling way with numerous options to structure content
⭐ Key Differentiator
Works Well
As an all-in-one doc, Coda has many options of structuring words, tables, dashboards, images, videos, charts, calendars, outlines, gantt charts and more.
Writing text
Write a brief, take notes, or draft the next big feature idea.
Works Well
Works Well
Coda and Confluence both have adequate text editing capabilities including text formatting, headers, bulleted lists, color formatting, etc
Easy to catalogue, order, find, and share my team's work.
Works Well
Works Well
In Coda, you can organize your content with folders, docs, pages and sub-pages. In Confluence, spaces are organized into pages and sub-pages.
Spreadsheet Capabilities
Collect, hold, reference, calculate, and order data to help manage and glean insights
⭐ Key Differentiator
Not Available
Coda has smart tables which allow for formulas, number types and formats, select lists, and more. Confluence tables allow text editing, with many spreadsheet functions missing.
Connect tables together and allow extraction and summaries in useful ways
⭐ Key Differentiator
Not Available
Coda supports a full query language with relationships and connecting data points.
Calculate, analyze, and display data in meaningful ways without manual counting or screenshots
⭐ Key Differentiator
Not Available
Write formulas in tables, in the canvas, query and calculate, pull in from other sources like Packs.
Integrate with existing workflows with native integrations, generic connectors like Zapier, or APIs
Works Well
Limited options
connect your docs to tools like Gmail, Slack, Calendar, Jira, Greenhouse, Intercom. We also support connectors like Zapier and
Interface (UI / UX)
Looks and feels great to use the tool. Easy to use and clean interaction.
⭐ Key Differentiator
Works Well
Coda docs feel effortless to create and maintain. A familiar start with a blinking cursor helps even novice users get started.
Automate and streamline workflows in helpful ways. Might include templates to save time in creating, buttons for actions, triggers for running things on their own.
Works Well
Not Available
Buttons take actions and increase interactivity. Automations can take an action using if/then sequences or time-based logic. APIs and packs allow automation with existing workflows.
Search Capabilities
Search through content and pages to easily find what you are looking for.
Works Well
⭐ Key Differentiator
As a true knowledge management out-of-the-box tool, Confluence has better search capabilities across spaces and pages. Coda’s search capabilities are sufficient for most cases.
High service and high value for the price.
⭐ Key Differentiator
Charged for editors
With Coda, you only pay for Doc Makers. A Doc Maker is the person that originally creates a doc. All other editors are free. See our for more details.
Security & Privacy
Data security and privacy infrastructure is highest priority for ensuring trust.
Works Well
Works Well
Read more about our commitment to , including SOC II, Data Encryption, Controlled Access, GDPA Compliant
Support & Community
Support provides fast and capable assistance when I need it most. Community of makers means to connect and inspire other users.
Works Well
Works Well
Chat support, crowdcast, dedicated account manager on Enterprise
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