World’s Largest Pizza Party x treseiscero

Airrack, one of the fastest growing creators on YouTube, is putting together a large scale event for his audience (”the mafia”). In order to celebrate hitting 10M subscribers, he will host The World’s Largest Pizza Party at YouTube Theatre on January 18th, 2023.
What’s the goal?
Build a clean website containing all relevant information for Airrack’s audience.

Heading/Introduction to event
What is happening
Where is this happening
When is it happening
Ticketmaster integration
Clean link out towards the Ticketmaster landing page
There is no feasible integration with Webflow right now, I will be a clean button redirecting to Ticketmaster.
Shopify Merch Shelf integration
Dynamic embeded Shopify buttons
There is a way to embed dinamically the "buy" buttons on Webflow from Shopity.
A page/section that allows people to fill out a Google Form to apply to be a volunteer at the Pizza party
Laylo text-list integration
Sign up for direct updates around the event
FAQ Section
How can we help you?
What kind of studio is treseiscero?
Our goal as a studio is to deliver high quality designed sites with the clearest Webflow development. So we could define us as a Webflow design studio. But lets dive into it a little more:
Who is behind?
We are two (only):
The one who designs everything in Figma, Andoni
The one who develops everything in Webflow, Eric
Our portfolio
Our best portfolio is our own page designed by us but also you can check inside some of the projects we have done:
How we do it?
First we have three rules that never ever will have to be changed:
We hear 70% and we speak 30%
Is really important to understand the clients need, so we try to hear as much as we can.
We collect all the ideas and look for the most suitable design path
We expend time collecting all the information and analyzing the clients view and the markets view, that will allow us to choose the most suitable design path.
We develop with clear and organized guidelines
We develop with clear class-namings, organized layouts and with conventional spacing & sizes to deliver a understandable site easy to modify and easy to maintain.
Having those three rules in mind, our process is easy to understand, first we deliver everything related with the design, this is a sprint-based process where the feedback of the client is really important.
These are all the UX/UI design processes that we are mainly focused on:
Conducting user research
This involves gathering data and insights about the target audience, such as their needs, preferences, and behaviors, in order to inform the design process. This might include activities such as surveys, focus groups, user interviews, and usability testing.
Creating wireframes and prototypes
These are low-fidelity versions of the user interface that are used to test and refine the design before creating the final version. Wireframes typically focus on the layout, structure, and hierarchy of the user interface, while prototypes are more interactive and allow users to test the functionality of the design.
Defining the overall look and feel
This involves establishing the visual style and aesthetic of the user interface, including colors, fonts, and other design elements.
Creating design elements
This might include tasks such as designing buttons, icons, and other interface elements that are used throughout the user interface.
Establishing a consistent style and layout
This involves defining the rules and guidelines for how the user interface should be structured and organized, in order to create a consistent and intuitive experience for the end user.
Testing and iteration
Throughout the design process, the team will test the user interface with the client to gather feedback and make improvements. This might involve conducting additional user research, revising the design based on feedback, and creating new versions of the wireframes and prototypes.
Delivery: Figma file
At the end we provide the hole Figma file where everything can exported and everything can be changed.
Having all the design approved, or at least partially approved, we start with the Webflow development following the next steps:
Class creation based on the design guidelines approved
This will be a [Draft] page where all the classes are defined based on Finsweet class convention and the design guidelines approved by the client.
Site settings adjustments
Fonts, favicons, analytics, billing, color pallete etc. are adjusted prev to start creating the pages
Components creation
Buttons, forms, cards, backgrounds, rich texts etc. are created on the design guidelines page
HTML/CSS sections structure
All the sections are structured in terms of HTML/CSS and well organized based on the client-first development
Symbols creation
When the sections and components are defined we use symbols to reuse them on other pages
We develop high quality animations based on the immense possibilities that the Webflow interactions offer.
CMS definition
We use the CMS as our back to add dynamic content to the site. We define all the CMS data and all the fields that are needed.
Javascript addons
On complex sites we must add Javascript code snippets to help us reach what is needed. Example: infinite carousel
SEO adjustments
We don’t do SEO. But we add the SEO settings as: Title Tag, Meta Description, Open Graph image and description
Delivery: Webflow Editor + Designer
At the end the client will have the Webflow Editor where it’s possible to modify images, text, colors from the front-end view and also have access and edit the CMS and SEO settings. Obviously, we also provide the Webflow Designer access where a Webflow developer can change anything from the Site.
What can you expect from us?
First, passion. We’ve being since 2017 creating digital projects and we love it.
Second, clearness. We are transparent and honest. So we will always say what we think and there will not be any surprises with us.
Third, speeed. We are quick and you’ll experience that. We deliver when it’s supposed to deliver.
Why us?
We are two, so we can be an extra micro-team working for our client. That’s a wrap if the client needs:
A close team
Quick delivery-making team
No misunderstandings between team mates
Easy decision-making team
No egos team
Focused team
UX/UI Design: 6 days
Webflow Build: 8 days
We could start working on this project as soon as possible.
12122022_World’s Largest Pizza Party _ treseiscero.pdf
395.5 kB
Sounds good? This is how to proceed:
You receive the this doc
You will receive the contract
If everything sounds good for you, we will receive an email to move forward
We will receive the contract signed back
We will ask for the first 50% of budget payment
We will receive the first 50% payment
We start with the project
Conducting user research
Creating wireframes and prototypes
Defining the overall look and feel
Creating design elements
Establishing a consistent style and layout
Testing and iteration
Delivery: Figma file
Class creation based on the design guidelines approved
Site settings adjustments
Components creation
HTML/CSS Sections structure
Symbols creation
CMS definition
Javascript addons
SEO adjustments
Delivery: Webflow Editor + Designer
Everything right? We will send the 50% final payment
We will receive the 50% final payment
We will probably ask for a testimonial

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