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What is Coda?

The doc that brings words, data, & teams together

👋 Introduction: What is Coda?

At Coda, we’re building a new type of all-in-one doc for teams. Coda blends the best of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and applications into one surface enabling teams to work together efficiently.

💼 Coda’s Origins & Future of Work

🧰 So I bet your company has purchased A LOT of software over the past 5 years. The average company uses hundreds of different SaaS apps today. That was supposed to make us more productive, but it made our jobs more complicated. Coda is here to reverse that trend. Coda is the doc that brings it all together.

Prepackaged solutions make you adjust your processes to fit into their box, while other proprietary tools require talking to IT every time you need an update. Technology is entering a new phase where people won't want to buy one-size-fits-all solutions which are actually one-size-perfectly-fits-noneーthey want to make it themselves. And now with Coda, they finally can.

🤝 Meet Coda

⚙️ It’s like the docs you’re already used to, but it comes with a set of building blocks. It powers collaborative work at companies including Figma, Spotify, Pinterest, and Uber. While a couple other organizations have made their best attempts at building an all-in-one-doc, here’s why we believe Coda is the solution built for Teams.

Coda is engineered so that any team can build a doc as powerful as an app. You can easily start with a blank page and expand it from there, without writing a single line of code.

Unlike pre-packaged solutions, we are flexible. We support a wide spectrum of use cases, and don’t make you fit your process into a box.
But there’s no need to build from scratch, unless you want to. With templates, you can combine building blocks to create whatever your team needs.

We scale with you, both in terms of having the right infrastructure and automations to support your business growth and in shipping 1-2 feature updates/week on average.

You can also supercharge your project tracker or team hub with with Packs—integrations and extensions for your doc. Packs can be templates, custom visualizations, new formulas, or other building blocks.

We believe you shouldn’t pay for a seat unless you’re a doc maker. With Maker Billing, share and edit docs for free. This pricing model makes Coda 80-90% cheaper than our competitors.

See what (else) Coda can do for your team
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🏠 Integrated & Beautiful Team Hubs
23 & Me Team Hub
🤸‍♀️ Flexible Project Tracker
Figma’s Project Portfolio tracker
✍️ Running Effective Meetings
Coda’s Two-way Writeups

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