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Envisioning 2024: Our Company's Path Forward

Please read the instructions below that narrative assignment you are required to submit.

Length: 3-6 pages, plus a 1-page faux press release


This narrative is designed to engage you, our valued execs, in the process of setting objectives and key results for the year 2024. Your insights and visions are vital in shaping our company’s direction.


Introduction (0.5 page)
Briefly introduce your role in the company and your perspective on its growth and challenges.
Short-Term Goals and Visions (1-2 pages)
Detail specific objectives for the company to achieve in the upcoming year.
Outline key results that would indicate success in these areas.
Explain how these goals align with the company's current position and market trends.
Long-Term Goals and Visions (1-3 pages)
Describe broader, long-term objectives for the company looking ahead to the next 3-5 years.
Identify potential challenges and opportunities we might face.
Suggest strategies or innovations that could help in achieving these long-term goals.
Integration of Goals (0.5-1 page)
Discuss how the short-term and long-term objectives interconnect and support each other.
Emphasize the importance of a balanced approach to immediate and future planning.
Faux Press Release (1 page)
Craft a future-oriented press release (or multiple press releases if applicable) announcing a significant company achievement or milestone in 2024, inspired by your proposed objectives.
This should be written as if it were being released to the public, showcasing our company's progress and future direction.


Be creative and think innovatively.
Base your goals on realistic assessments of our company and market.
Reflect on our company values and mission.
Consider the potential impact of your ideas on different departments and stakeholders.

Due Date:

Please submit your narrative by January 12th at 3pm EST

Submission Link:

Feedback and Discussion:

There will be a follow-up internal meeting amongst all of us to discuss the narratives and gather feedback from participants. Your narratives and key ideas may be incorporated into our official 2024 OKRs.
Note: We will coordinate a suitable date and time for this meeting.

If you have any questions just email Eran.

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