Traffio base account proposal

For the Traffio base account, we would recommend it to be configured by default with a single workflow. The workflow will comprise of the below steps by default which are copied for each new Traffio customer.
Step Group
Personal contact details & emergency contacts
Employee can update their contact details and add further personal and emergency contact information
Your Details
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.10.13 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.10.42 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.12.17 pm.png
Standard Fairwork Statement policy as a default. Additional policies can be configured on a customer by customer basis.
(Also see contract recommendation below)
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Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.08.24 pm.png
Skills form*
This will be pre-set with a draft version of your smart form document, (this is then updated with the new version provisioned by Traffio)
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Document upload
Generic screen informing on-boarder to upload relevant documents to their skills
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image (6).png
TFN declaration
Salary & Benefits
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.13.03 pm.png
Enter bank details to be paid into
Salary & Benefits
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.13.32 pm.png
Nominate their super fund
Salary & Benefits
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.14.30 pm.png
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*Skills form set up
During their Flare configuration in Traffio, a customer can select the skills they wish to capture in their onboarding workflow. Traffio will produce the relevant Smart Form based on the required information about this skill. This form is then uploaded to Flare as new version of the skills form document, following the steps below. The new version then automatically updates the onboarding workflow to the required Smartform.
How to update a version of a document in Flare
From the Menu, select OrganisationLibrary.
From the list of folders, select the folder that contains the Skills form ← we can make this really clear in the base account. The documents in this folder will appear next to the folder list.
Select the skills form document and right click on it to show a pop-up list of options. Select Properties.
A large pop-up will appear. Review the Title and Description text fields, these can be updated if required.
Review the details of the Version Control tab;
→ Ver: This shows the existing versions. The asterisk indicates the current version.
→ Date: This shows the date the document version was uploaded.
→ Comment: This shows the reason entered for the change to the version.
→ Updated by: This shows which employee made the version change.
To upload a new version, click New version.
Enter a reason for the new version and click Select and upload.
A pop-up will appear, showing your document folders on your PC. Select the new Smart Forms document to upload and click Open.
The document will upload to Flare and will appear in the Version Control tab on the top line. The new version will now display/download whenever it is used in Flare.
Click Update to save all changes.
Additional recommendations for the base account
Work rights check
A standard step we could include in the above work flow in the base account
image (7).png
Contracts (Policy)
This can be pre-set with a draft version of a dummy contract document, (this is then updated with the new version of the document provisioned by the customer)
Drivers Licence (SmartForm)
A dedicated step to for an Employee to upload their driver licence details and expiry date as a default for all Traffio customers. Is this a requirement for all your customers? If not, leave this step out and have as an additional skill.
There are no rows in this table
When deciding to go to market with contracts as part of the offering, please note the limitations on the proposed functionality. “Contracts” in the context of this solution takes the form of an “on-hire agreement” that can’t be configured at an employee or job level, but is in the form of standard documented policy that can be reviewed and electronically agreed to during onboarding. Through our experience this is a great fit for the needs for our Labour Hire customers, however we would recommend you validate this with your customers to ensure there’s not a mismatch in their needs resulting in a poor experience or additional implementation effort.
How to upload a contract (as a policy)
To add a contract as an additional policy that requires sign off by the on-boarder, they would follow the same steps as above, where by there is a dummy contract document set up in base account that needs to be manually updated with the correct version at the time of activating their account.
Advanced Solutions: adding any additional custom workflow steps for customers
If a customer wants to add additional steps to their workflow with additional smart forms, beyond the base account. Below is the steps they would need to take. These would need to be reviewed on a per customer basis.
How to add additional work step with a Smartform to an onboarding workflow
Step 1: Add the form as a document to the organisation library
From the Menu, select Organisation -> Library.
From the folders listed in your Flare library, select the one you wish to store the document in.
Select Add new document and enter a document title in the pop-up.
Click Select and upload and a pop-up showing your document folders on your PC will appear. Select the document you wish to upload and click Open. The document will upload to your Flare library and will appear as an icon on the Library page under the chosen folder.
To adjust permissions on the document, right-click on the document and select Properties.
Within the pop-up screen, select Security and edit who can access this document under Group share select “Everyone”. Save changes by clicking Update.
Step 2: Add the step to the workflow
Navigate to Settings > Rules and select the Process templates tab
Under the Process Group drop-down select Onboarding and Off Boarding and then under the Process Select the Process drop-down select your onboarding process.
Scroll down to the Process Steps Setup and click Add Step.
Fill out the Step setup section, including:
a. Step title- will be at the top of that step in the onboarding process.
b. Step group - will assign which group the step will be assigned to. This takes precedence over the step order from the 'Process sets setup' section.
c. Instruction - the text in this box will show up on certain content types.
d. Target completion date - select how long you want to give your employees to complete this step
When editing the step, select 'Complete Form' from the Content type drop-down.
Click Add from library and find the form within your Org Library that you want included in this step.
Define if this step is required or skippable under the processing rules, all the rest can be left blank and click Save.
Drag and drop the step to the correct position and click Save one more time.
Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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