HR3 Iterative improvements public

There are some friction points of the HR3 integration that has been identified by customers that are reducing their satisfaction with the solution.
HR3 went live with their triggered grey label solution in Q4 2020. As customers activate the solution, there are a few identified issues with the configuration. This document outlines feedback from some customers and outlines proposed solutions.
These are not aimed to be the introduction of new features, but to propose iterative improvements to improve the customer experience and reduce support queries.
Suggested iteration
Customers can get blocked activating accounts or adding new candidates to Flare
Error messaging is vague, does not expose the full details of Flare’s error messaging
Customer does not know why their action is not working, need help with support / may drop off without us being aware
HR3 to expose relevant error messaging to the customer
Club South Side spent 1+ weeks not being able to activate account, not knowing it was due to their phone number format being incorrect
All users being set as Full time in HR3 - Tax screen, as well as on profile
Default behind the scenes?
Can result in incorrect tax rate/ reporting to ATO
Profiles created with accurate employment basis
Reported by Mayfield Childcare
Gender is auto setting to male when created in hr3
Employees don’t add gender in onboarding- why are they defaulting male?
inaccruacy of TFN information - this information must be correct in accordance to ATO regulation
Make gender compulsory prior to adding /add to select gender in Flare during onboarding
Reported by Mayfield Childcare, BMT
“Signature present” box in the taxation screen in HR3 is not ticked
unknown - behind scenes default?
Not clear to customer TFN dec has been declared
Default to ticked?
Reported by Barry Nilsson Lawyers
Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.53.40 am.png
Employee can’t add their title in flare onbaording, so when created in HR3 profile has no Title
User should be able to add or amend title in flare during onboarding
Inaccuracy of profile record, feels incomplete solution.
Make title compulsory prior to onboarding to Flare
Reported by Mayfield Childcare, BMT
Smoker box is automatically ticked when profile is created in HR3
unknown - is this a defaulting to “yes”
Down stream impacts of smoker information in HR3 - life insurance?
Should default to NULL
Reported by Mayfield Childcare, BMT
Use API to GET completed documents
Will allow us to include document upload and policy sign-off for customers
Improves value and take-up of solutiopn
Use the GET calls for completed/uploaded documents
Mostly all customers would benefit from this and have asked for more functionality
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