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Surprise your friends with baked goods doc

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Surprise your friends with baked goods doc

I'm Emily, a self-proclaimed baking enthusiast. I developed this doc to help you organize who you want to bake for and what you want to bake for them.
Copy this doc, then read on to learn how to use it to let your friends know a baked good surprise is coming their way!
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Recently—even without owning the dependable, time saving, power tool that is the Kitchen Aid—I discovered my love for baking. And as someone who generally finds joy in randomly gifting people things, I quickly realized the only thing better than baking and consuming my own baked goods was baking and surprise gifting my creations to the people that I love.
However, as I started this journey, I encountered some problems:
Allergies and dietary restrictions
Today, everyone is either allergic to something or is experimenting and shifting between various diets. Gluten free, vegan, has a nut allergy, dairy free but “occasionally” eats Ben and Jerry’s whole milk ice cream. I couldn’t keep track of who was allergic to what or who was following which diet.
The surprise factor
With the need to contact my friends to confirm their allergies and dietary restrictions, it felt impossible to keep my gift a surprise.
Rabbit hole recipe searching
Every time I started searching for a recipe, I became overwhelmed with the infinite number of options available. I endlessly scrolled, not wanting to settle for anything less than the best chocolate chip cookie or the most moist banana bread.
How could I help others eliminate the impossible task of 1) tracking everyone’s allergies, 2) keeping the element of surprise, and 3) eliminating the infinite scroll of searching for a recipe.
That is why I designed this doc to turn surprise baking into an easy, simplified task. You can choose who you want to bake for and match their restrictions with a recipe or you can choose a recipe and match it with a friend that will enjoy and savor every last bite of it. And best of all, you can let your friend know something delicious is coming while still maintaining the element of surprise.

Getting started with this template

This doc was designed to be customized for you! Keep track of the people you want to bake for, their contact information (e.g., email and address), dietary restrictions, and notes on their favorite flavors or sweat treats. Input and organize recipes you have made or have been wanting to make. Recently, I was on a loaf craze, but feel free to add any baked good, pastry or sweat treat that your loved ones might desire. With a click of a button, you can send an email to your selected friend to let them know a baked good is being made especially for them! Here are a few instructions to get you started:
Copy this doc 👉
Copy this doc
Ensure you’ve integrated your Gmail account with this doc (click Explore in the top right, then Packs, then Gmail).
Fill out the table in (make sure to include your friend’s email).
Click the Select Friend button in next to the lucky friend you have decided to bake for.
Customize the email message to send to your chosen friend in .
Click the Send Surprise Email button in
Look through your or your and click the Select Recipe button next to the sweet treat you choose to bake.

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