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Product Strategy

User Research

Thanks to companies becoming product-led, User Experience Research or User Research (UXR) is gaining momentum. User Research is the process of understanding user behaviors, needs and preferences, by using various observation and feedback collection methods to test hypotheses, assumptions, and solutions.
In my previous projects I always collected feedback from users, but I wasn’t aware of this field. I didn’t use any particular “scientific” or already proved methods. So this time, I was willing to discover and try this new domain following a framework. I have a big advantage for that: my girlfriend is User Researcher 👩‍🏫. She supported me in the creation of my User Research.
The goal of the User Research is to help me validate or not my project concept, by interviewing potential users of my tool to gather feedback. I would like to have more certainty regarding the problem I identified, the solution I offer and the business model I have in mind.
My First User Research
After some reflections and attempts to create a test, we split in two parts the goal mentioned above.
The objectives of the first User Research are:
To challenge my hypothesis of “professionalization matters a lot for teams”
To figure out the participants' appetite for a ‘Link-in-bio’ tool dedicated to esports
To introduce my solution and gather feedback about it

The targets are, in this particular order:
Support members and founders of esports teams (amateur or pro): community manager, coach, CEO, etc.
Players of esports teams (amateur or pro)
Fans of esports (not directly targeted, but the survey is still open for them)

With girlfriend User Researcher, we thought about using a survey for this first User Research, to collect data from the participants in order to reach our objectives. First, we created the Test Protocol of the survey on
(an online collaborative whiteboard platform): adding questions with open answers or multiple choices, and conditions.
I would have liked to ask more questions but it would have been asking too much to the participants!
The Test Protocol Main Board - Test Protocol V4 (1).jpg
The Survey on Maze
Then, I looked for a tool to create this survey, among Coda Form, Google Form, Airtable Form, or Tripetto, I finally used a dedicated service for UXR called
The Answers
👷‍♂️ This section is under construction. Come back later!
We will conduct another User Research later to evaluate the business model opportunities.

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