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Product Strategy

Changelog / updates:
July 6, 2021: publication of the first
June 29, 2021: creation of the page
June 7, 2021: publication of the (name & visual identity!)
May 18, 2021: revamping of the , following a review with great feedback
May 13, 2021: publication of the , now completed
May 4, 2021: beginning of the Visual Identity section in the Branding page
May 1, 2021: creation of the Branding page and Naming section completed!
April 29, 2021: creation of the
April 28, 2021: creation of the Product Strategy pages and beginning of the brainstorming
In my I introduced the summary of my idea and my goals. Then the gave me an idea of the digital strategy of teams, players and streamers: their website and their use of the famous ‘link-in-bio’ feature in their social networks. I have also found around 50 direct and indirect competitors during the . Linktree is the leading solution with 12M+ users for the ‘link-in-bio’ tools. Some website builders are targeting gamers and teams only, but no ‘link-in-bio’ products.
The next step was to brainstorm on my Product Strategy. A product strategy is a high-level plan describing what a business hopes to accomplish with its product, and how it plans to do so.
I don’t necessarily take advantage of canvas when I plan a new project but this time I used the acclaimed .
Lean UX Canvas
As Lean UX Canvas creator Jeff Gothelf puts it:
“The Lean UX Canvas helps teams frame their work as a business problem to solve (rather than a solution to implement) and then dissect that business problem into its core assumptions. We then weave those assumptions into hypotheses. Finally, we design experiments to test our riskiest hypotheses.”
This exercise helped me to generate hypotheses using business problems, outcomes and ideas, to define a strategy to build my product.
I’m trying to replicate a startup success on a particular vertical, gaming and esports, and this is a big advantage. I can learn from them. Linktree, the market leader, recently raised $45M. This event has been covered by the press with some founder interviews. I notably used this material for my Lean UX Canvas answers.
I created a dedicated page for this workshop:
Then I worked on a more exciting and visual section: the branding of my project. I notably picked a name and did some research for the design and visual identity.
Branding is an essential subject when launching a company or project. The Cambridge Dictionary gives the definition:
“Branding is the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.”
Branding helps get the idea of your product. It gives your business a personality to make people quickly identify and remember your project.
1980 palette simple.jpg
My Project Color Palette
Colors, fonts, background illustration, logo, tagline and of course the name: read the Branding page to discover and understand my project branding:
After my work on the product strategy and the branding, of the pages for teams and players that my project might generate, in order to conduct User Research.
User Research
The goal of the User Research is to help me validate or not my project concept, by interviewing potential users of my tool to gather feedback. I would like to have more certainty regarding the problem I identified, the solution I offer and the business model I have in mind.
Read the dedicated User Research page to learn more:

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