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Roles and Responsibilities

Admins are voted in by members every 6 months. To be eligible to apply to become an admin, you must already be a member.
Admin roles include
General day to day running of the EMC
Enforcing the Code of Conduct
Acting as the main voice of the EMC
Chairing the regular members meetings
Reviewing and approving/rejecting project proposals
Coordinating with project leaders on project milestones and deadlines
Approving new member applications
Nominated admins are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but they are generally expected to meet some criteria.
Must meet:
Must be able to uphold the interests of the EMC above professional or personal interests
Have a good understanding of what the EMC is working towards and why
Able to commit time to work on the EMC for a minimum of 6 months
Generally should meet at least one of the following:
Active EMC member
Active in the email community
Active in open source communities or projects
Contributes to EMC projects (without being a member)
Works or has worked in the email industry
Current admins
(February 2022 - present)
(February 2022 - present)
(February 2022 - present)
Project leaders
Each project needs a leader (or possibly co-leaders). They are appointed at the time a project is approved. If a leader leaves a project, it will be paused until a new leader is found.
Project leader roles include
General day to day running of the project
Setting up and chairing meetings of the project
Managing any issues submitted relating to the project
Approving any related PR's
Enforcing the within the project
Giving updates on the progress of the project
Working with the admins on releasing the finished project
Anyone can apply to become a member, the applications are approved by the admins.
Member roles include
Participate in projects
Participate in meetings
Adhering to the at all times
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