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WTF is going on here (aka: use 1author to sub the username)
The broad overview
Fill out table with tweets URLs in Tweet, then write things out in Writing Space. Use 1author for where the username should go
Turn on toggle to get a list of keywords (don’t forget to turn it off once it’s done!)
Hit Published button
For the “Ready to go”:
The text input is a counter for what issue it is
The orange Published button assumes that everything has been published. So it adds a label to them all, which wipes the In Progress table clean
For the “Get some keywords”:
Has OpenAI to make a list of keywords from the tweets
Turn on the toggle button to activate it (because can’t have it running all the time)
Turn it off after use!
For the table:
The first column - the place to paste the tweet link. It’s using the Twitter pack, which . . .
. . . allows me to easily get the username of the person tweeting in the second column (Twitter - User). Formula is set up to add the @
Writing space is the writing space. Just copy paste 1author and paste it to fill the social media handle of the person that wrote
This should lead to “Quote tweet” column - ready to go and be pasted into Typefully. The substitution should have replaced “1author” with whatever is filled out in “Twitter - User”

Ready to go?


Get some keywords

⬅️ Turn on the toggle to get a summary of keywords from OpenAI :)

Writing guidelines
Think of search terms!
[  ]
In progress
Twitter - User
Writing space
Quote tweet
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