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Freshman Party 2021 Presentation AStA English

Concept - Freshman Party 2021

for the AStA TU Hamburg
Every year, the AStA of the TU Hamburg organises a freshers' party with a large number of guests. In the past, the party has taken place at the Docks, Große Freiheit 36 and Festplatz Nord. Due to the pandemic, the freshers' party will be held open air in October 2021. Due to the cancellation in 2020, an increased number of visitors is expected.

In 2021, the Ersti Party will return to its roots as a party by and for students. This will be reflected in the design of the event space, the range of drinks and the choice of music. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many students have not been able to take advantage of the networking opportunities, bar evenings and AG offers. In order to make students aware again of the event formats that have proven themselves at the TU Hamburg for a weekend, the groups should be given the opportunity to provide an area, a bar or a catering offer. In cooperation with the event location, either personnel or only conceptual participation of the event formats of the TU Hamburg should take place in accordance with the legal regulations.

To the organiser

The event is organised by Joseph Rüffert on behalf of the AStA of the TU Hamburg. The organiser is the public body, the student body of the TU Hamburg, represented by the AStA on behalf of Theresia Hachmöller, who has commissioned Joseph Rüffert to organise the event. The AStA undertakes to support Joseph Rüffert financially and in terms of personnel in the implementation of the event. Help from the other committees of the TU Hamburg is also a condition for the realisation of the event.


In order to adequately represent culture on campus, there will be five offers, which will be curated and decorated by five event formats established at the TU Hamburg. Event technicians from the venue will be booked.


There will be a total of four bars, which will offer the same or a reduced version of their regular offer. The cooperation partners will decide on the drinks to be offered. The bars should be decorated by the cooperation partners according to the motto of the presented event. The bar equipment is provided by the event location. The bars can be staffed by students in a supportive or full capacity. Nevertheless, there should be at least one contact person from the venue.


Food and drink will also be provided. Each stand will offer at least one vegan option. The stalls are intended to show the variety of catering options available at student events.

Corparate Identity und Decoration

The appearance of the event is to be made uniformly coherent by signposting the areas and bars in the corporate design of the Ersti Party. Templates are being developed for this purpose, which can then be used for drink tickets, admission tickets, menus, decorative signs, name tags and so on. An impression of the CI of the last party can be found on the

The decoration of the areas is done by the curating groups. Set-up is done by the production team or the curating groups themselves, depending on capacity.

Public relations

The event will be advertised with various digital and analogue measures on a large scale on the campus, Harburg and Hamburg.

The AStA of the TU Hamburg will help with the public relations work by distributing posters and flyers and posting advertisements on social media.


Between 2000 and 3000 people are expected to attend. Experience shows that 70% of these are first-year students, but due to the cancellation of the Ersti Party 2020, it is expected that 30% of the first-year students from the winter semester 2020/21 will take part. For this reason, the number of guests will be larger than usual in previous years. For this purpose, the event time and area will be divided up with regard to the Corona Protection Ordinance concerning the maximum number of guests allowed.

Time period and space

The plan is to have two days of events from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on a Friday and Saturday after 10/15/2021 in October 2021. Favourite dates are 22 & 23 October 2021. The event will be divided into several areas. Switching between the areas will be possible through several locks with contact tracking if the protection order allows it. Per event area, 500 people are allowed in the open air according to current guidelines. The three areas will each be played by a bar and a stage. Under this condition, it is possible to receive a peak of 1,500 people per day.

Safety and hygiene

There will be an event security team at the entrance who will check for glass bottles and prohibited items on the ability to participate in the event. The screening will be minimally invasive due to the pandemic. There will be no pat downs of guests without good reason. Security will be present on the premises. Security will also be present at the exit.

The venue's corona protection concept will be used to ensure corona-compliant implementation.


An awareness team is set up to prevent and treat assault situations. The offer is publicised through notices and a stand. A room for awareness will also be made available.


The event will be partly covered by entrance fees and own funds. A ticket for one day will cost 6€. Thus, the total income from entrance fees will amount to a maximum of 18,000€. The total budget should not exceed 20,000€. The drinks revenue remains with the venue. The remaining catering revenue has not yet been clarified.


We are looking for a location that can be divided into three areas and has a capacity of 1500 people.

Cancellation of the event

Should the event be cancelled due to force majeure, Corona or other reasons, the event will be held at another time. In this case, the already incurred or non-refundable costs are still to be borne by the AStA.
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