Freelancing Resources

For the Independent Career Builder
Regardless of what area of freelancing you plan on going into, you’re going to need
to be successful. Here you’ll find and extensive (though not exhaustive!) list of tools and educational resources you can use to launch and fuel your freelancing career.

In this doc, you can navigate to your area of interest to find discipline-specific resources.

While some of these resources are free or have free trials, others have fees or subscriptions. Investing in the right tools is an important part of building a business as a freelancer, and you should reach out to peers and mentors to find out which tools and platforms are worth the price of admission. If you don’t know who to ask, you can often schedule a demo on the product directly with the company.

Here are a few links that are generally useful, regardless of your specific area of interest:
Check out this blog post from Marketerhire with the
Get Boost put together this
of articles, videos, and tools organized by category
Stay organized with these

Explore Freelancing Categories:
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