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The Aetherverse




It was the grand final day. People filled the stands at the MCG to see the Sydney Swans go up against the Geelong Cats. The stadium roared with excitement. It had been years since either team had once the premiership, and now the only thing that stood in their path to glory was each other.
The starting whistle sounded, and all eyes were on the ball as it was launched into the air. There was a sudden gasp of confusion as the ball suddenly stopped, suspended unnaturally in the air, before the air shimmered and tore open with a sickening ripping sound. A shockwave of energy rolled across the stadium. The blast immediately vaporised those closest to the rift, while those further away had their bodies engulfed in otherworldly energies causing them to collapse and writhe on the ground. Screaming filled the air. The crowds ran.
Many died.
You were one of them.
You come awake again when someone lifts you out of the gurney. They wheel you through a hallway. You see doors with people inside. The lights are dimmed... or is it just your eyesight? You're not sure. You try to sit up, but you can't. There's a mask over your nose and mouth. It's hard to breathe.
"Please help me," you croak. "Please."
"This is the last one?" An authoritative voice asks.
"Yes, doctor. The other specimens have already been secured."
"Excellent." The doctor says. "We're going to be doing some important experiments with it. I don't want the specimen to expire like the last ones." Your gurney is pushed into a room. "You will keep it sedated until it's prepared to receive the treatment."
"Yes, doctor."
You feel pressure on your wrist and a cold sensation flowing through your veins. The door closes behind you, and you hear the sound of an electronic lock clicking into place.
Everything goes black.
"You told me this would work, Doctor." A woman demanded.
"It's a delicate process General; this is new territory, even for me." The doctor admitted.
"I have reports of failures, Doctor. We can't afford any more." The general replied.
"Those weren't failures." The doctor said. "They were stepping stones. The most recent specimens have shown great promise."
"Need I remind you of what happened last time?" The general said.
The doctor was silent.
"No, I don't believe I need to." The general said coldly. "Now give me something I can use, doctor. A bunch of malformed corpses aren't useful to anyone. Especially not me."
"Awaken, my champion." The voice slithers into the darkness of your mind like an oily tendril, "Arise and seek me out..."
Your eyes burst open to a cacophony of sensations. The sounds of gunshots, shouting, and screams. The scent of burning flesh and chemicals. A power flowing through your body. And a hunger. A deep, endless hunger...


Campaign Theme

A rift to the Outside has been opened into this world, dooming its inhabitants. Chosen avatars of unfathomable entities from beyond now walk the land, brining madness and destruction wherever they tread.
Origin: A tear in reality caused by an experiment gone wrong.
Type: Otherworldly horrors emerge from beyond. The bravery and tenacity of a few survivors is all that stands between the undead and total conquest.
Domain Atmosphere: The Horde emerges as corrupted courses, transformed into masses of tentacles, claws, and jagged teeth. Horror causes madness and paranoia to ensue. As dimensions become entangled, Corruption spreads through the urban landscape as darkness and rot as reality becomes undone.


Task Force Delta (Physical)

Highly trained special-ops personnel provided with advanced equipment upgrades, experimental weaponry, executive privileges and little to no oversight. And the only thing they need to give up? Their morales. They were tasked with ensuring the ‘Incident’ was kept quiet. Now it’s their job to clean up the mess that was left behind.
Reinforced Shielding
Automated Drone Patrols

Citizens of the City (Mental)

Culture. Hipsters. Coffee. These are just some of the few things one thinks of when considering the people of Melbourne. But how will all this fair when presented by the maddening corruption of unreality?
Old-Fashioned Stubbornness
Media Outlets

Secret Research Labs (Metaphysical)

Sometimes to resolve a problem created by unregulated, unstable science you need...more science! Years of classified projects have given the labs an impressive arsenal of barely tested energy sources and unstable contraptions, right under the feet of oblivious citizenry. Researchers living in secret within the city have enjoyed government funding and accelerated development timelines for years, but the recent specimen offers untold power if it can just be stabilised. Unfathomable secrets are soon to be unlocked, forever altering humanity’s future.
Laboratory Containment Protocols
Experimental Weaponised ‘Assets’

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