Manager Reflection

This is your page to reflect on the employee's performance over the last year.
Instructions: Please answer the open ended items below and provide a rating for each competency and goal. If the item does not apply to the employee, please leave it blank. You can add new goals or competencies if you wish. You can check out the Manager’s Guide to coaching in the .
Note about Editing: This is a collaborative document. The employee will be able to view your updates and comments in real time. Please be mindful of this when drafting your comments.
Review Sections: Here are the sections you need to complete
(50% of the overall performance rating)
(25% of the overall performance rating)
(25% of the overall performance rating)
- Provide your overall thoughts on the year
- Review your comments, then let your manager know you are ready for their input

Next Steps: Once you submit your review, your manager will have the opportunity to provide input. The page will contain information on your overall rating.

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