Performance Reviews in Coda

Use this light-weight Annual Performance Review template to evaluate employee performance, track goal achievement, provide development feedback, and structure meaningful 1:1 performance discussions.
👋 Hello! Thanks for checking out my
doc. I’m
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, a Product Marketing Manager at Coda, where we build new docs for teams to collaborate and work together. Coda is a flexible tool that can be used for for many different purposes (see our for inspiration on the many ways to use Coda).
Coda as a Performance Management solution
Many employees already love Coda for ,
, , , and . Why use a separate tool for performance management?
I created this Coda doc to demonstrate that Coda is flexible enough to use for an HR process that is traditionally inflexible: annual performance reviews. Coda is an interesting alternative to traditional performance management systems like Lattice and SAP SuccessFactors, especially for organizations that are looking for a light-weight and easy solution to performance management.
How to use this doc:
I recommend you
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to get started. Head to the page for tips on how to customize the template. When you are finished customizing, to share with your team. Each manager or employee in your organization can then copy the template to start their review.
If you have any trouble, you can always reach out to Coda’s awesome support team at
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