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Centralizing your company's knowledge

Is a single source of truth a myth? We don't think so
We can all agree that knowledge is power. But knowledge management, or “knowledgement,” can be a tough nut to crack. At Coda, we’ve seen the whole gamut: knowledge hubs, wikis, intranets, playbooks, team docs, k-bases, and more. It’s helped us identify some
common blockers
holding teams back from their “single source of truth” as well as
building blocks
to create systems that make everyone’s jobs easier.
A few teams powered by Coda Knowledge Hubs
How Canva trained 800 employees to fuel a $6 Billion growth spurt
See it in action
An inside look to how Mode crowdsourced their company wiki
See it in action
Centralizing the Brex product team’s greatest hits & dreams
See it in action
Scaling speed and quality at Gusto with the GusTools Playbook
See it in action
A century of rural community action in England’s 10k villages
See it in action
The Product Station that led PandaDoc to multiple G2 Honors
See it in action
These are a few of the success stories but we wanted to learn more. So we held not one ー but three! ー webinars to understand
why some knowledge management systems succeed while others fail
Past webinars list (click the toggle!)

To summarize our findings, there are two big reasons why knowledge management systems fail:
: Information is segmented into a set of folders whose organization makes sense only to the person who created them.
: That siloed information results in duplicative and perpetually out-of-date data.

So how did companies like Canva and Mode get it right? 👉 Let’s
. Or . . .

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