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Holiday Gift Exchange, with turnkey automations

Tis the season

A doc for a secret gift exchange, all automated and ready to go!
Hi there and welcome to my doc!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year ー and we’re tucked away safely behind our screens as we continue to work remotely here at Coda. I was looking for a fun way to share that holiday spirit so I created this doc to coordinate a gift exchange with my wonderful team (we’re also !)
Use this doc to coordinate a gift exchange of your own! As long as you fill out the below, everything will automate. That’s right: the gift pairing, the unveiling of the pairs, and the reminder to your team to send their gifts will all happen on its own.
And special thanks to
@Hannah Rochau
, one of our amazing SPMBers, who helped me create this doc. 💗
These are the directions I wrote for my team!
Welcome to our team’s holiday gift exchange!
How works
If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to fill out the form below. Your gift buddy will then be revealed on
Once everyone’s received their gift and submitted their guess in ,
@Elaine Sohng
will schedule an “unboxing time” for us all!
Exchange Details
Last day to sign up
Gift maximum
Deadline to send gifts
Elaine Sohng
Tue, Dec 8
$30, including shipping
Fri, Dec 18
There are no rows in this table

Join the gift exchange!

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