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Hello makers and welcome to quarantine fitness!
Since shelter-in-place has started, a few friends & I have kept in touch with daily workouts via Zoom. We’ve graduated from the infamous & always popular , and are now moving towards creating our own workouts - fun!
Our first attempt resulted in the same person being responsible for all the workouts, a lagging browser filled with 5+ YouTube browser tabs, and confusion over which videos we had done (and loved ... or hated).
It’s why I created this doc to help manage all the great videos we’ve used and to make it easier for everyone to help plan the workouts. This doc is also synced to our recurring Google Calendar event so it’s always up to date, even when our schedules change. I hope this helps you with your own fitness journey and I can’t wait to see what you Coda next!
So, TLDR -
With this doc, we can:
Collect all the videos we like
Take turns organizing videos into weekly schedules
Play all the videos from one place
But how does one doc do that?!
Let me show you.
1️⃣ Ready to get started? Just hit this button to sign up with your name & email. 👉
I'm in!
2️⃣. Add your favorite workout to the .
3️⃣. Assign each workout a day in
4️⃣ Start sweating in !
After you’re done with your workout, you can rate the video by intensity and fun. Everyone’s ratings come together so you can pick the intensity you want!
And if running is more your speed, check out this awesome from my teammate Al!

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