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Coda for Jira

Coda makes it easy for you to plan, manage, and track your Jira issues/projects directly in Coda. Use this guide to get started with the Jira Pack in Coda.
👋 Hello! Thanks for checking out my
doc. I’m
@Jamie Fall
, a Customer Success Manager at Coda, where we build new docs for teams to collaborate and work together. I work with many product and engineering teams that use Coda in their everyday workflows, but need to connect their work back to Jira.

I created this how-to guide to enable Coda makers to set-up our Jira Pack. The Jira Pack for Coda allows you to bring your Jira issues directly into a Coda doc or push issues from Coda back to Jira. (Learn more about other Coda Packs with other tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Gmail

How to use this doc:
This doc is intended to help with the initial set-up steps for the Jira Pack. Before you get started, I recommend that you
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so you can review the formulas and column details included throughout the doc.

Navigate through these sections to get started. If you have any trouble, you can always reach out to Coda’s awesome support team at

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