Coda for Enterprise Admins

Coda was engineered for enterprises from the start, thanks to our founding team who built major systems at Microsoft and Google, and to our earliest users coming from multi-national corporations.
IT and security teams are the trusted partner to drive organizational and systems changes — but the rise of shadow IT and lack of admin automation tools mitigate your ability to do so. Our goal is to create an all-in-one doc that is scaleable, secure, and ready to integrate within your team’s workflows.
Below are a few of the admin-focused tools we’ve launched to help you keep your team’s data and work safe, faster. For more information, customer your dedicated Customer Success Manager.
Interested in learning more about Coda’s enterprise plan and all it has to offer? .
Admin Audit API
A new API that supports auditing activities via an event log, for the security-conscious admin
User Management Doc
Manage user billing roles and access customizable activity reports in one easy place
Packs Approvals
Protect your workspace by controlling which third-party Packs are accessible to your users
Disable doc copy
Protect your team’s data with the ability to disable ‘Copy Doc’ for editors, viewers, and commenters
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Custom templates
Replace shadow IT with a custom template, accessible via / command or drag-and-drop
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50+ Packs
Packs pull live data in and push updates out automatically. Join our to make your own!
High-velocity shipping
100+ new product and feature launches in 2020 to meet your needs quickly and effectively
World-class security and privacy
SOC 2 Type II, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SSO with SAML 2.0, and end-to-end data encryption
Maker Billing
No more wasted seats. Only pay for the users who create a doc. Collaboration is always free

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