Basic Training Course
19-28 September, 2022 (incl. travel days)
Focusing on youth-related need mapping, working with group of people, non formal education → creating a common understanding.
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2 Speaking.png
4 Creativity.png
Field Practice 1.
with facilitated assessment
By delivering your own educational work either with grass-root youth work or with workshop/training etc. you can put what you learnt into practice. During this practice you will assess your work with the support of a colleague from your sending organization and from another experienced youth worker. This way you will collect your own resources and see how to develop your portfolio forward.
Training Course for Self-Development
06-15 February, 2023 (incl. travel days)
What is my contribution to the world through my work; how do I connect my vision to youth work / trainership; what do I create through my work.
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8 Teamwork.png
3 Problem Solving.png
Field Practice 2.
with facilitated assessment
Based on the previous experiences you continue the work with youth and get the unique opportunity for facilitated assessment to see what you improved and what you still want to add to your work.

Advanced Training for Trainers
02-11 October, 2023 (incl. travel days)
My own style; my method I implement.
youth workers: advocacy
youth trainers: self-branding.
5 Staying Positive.png
6 Aiming High.png
4 Creativity.png
Field Practice 3.
Finalizing Field Practice experience with facilitated assessment
With the presence of two experienced youth workers you will look back to your journey and assess it to finalize your portfolio and get your personal certificate.
More information about the Training courses, methodology and tools
Reminder: in between all the training courses there are periods of practice: you work in your own home country with young people
and you get a facilitated assessment support to see your own development and fine-tuning your further learning goals.
Experiential learning or learning by doing is naturally the base of our methodology. Built upon this base we use integral learning as the frame for the said methodology: we combine formal, non formal and informal learning processes in order to maximize the experience.
Inputs, activities and moments for reflection will be provided at all programs. There will be a strong focus to support you to have the opportunity to create the links between what you learn and what you do on your own field of work with young people.
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