Egyesek Youth Association is the coordinator of the partnership of PrefessionalED. Egyesek is a 20-year old youth organization that delivers high quality, integral learning based residential training courses for 15 years now. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to discover their vision and work on the path that creates the world we all want to live in based on peace. In order to reach this we do youth work with disadvantage young people, organize and carry out international voluntary projects and creating exceptional non formal educational projects. Our main training areas for youth workers are personal development trainings, communication and coaching programs, specific methodological programs and Training for Trainers on the field of youth. Our focus is always to create tailormade programs to address particular learning needs and to make learning enjoyable and exceptional to everyone.
They believe that volunteering and global education is a key to an active citizenship and mutual understanding. That is why they organize volunteering projects and training courses. They give chances to people to participate in diverse projects and support them on their journey towards their personal, civic and professional development. INEX-SDA has delivered activities for more than 30 years and throughout its existence left a positive mark on thousands of people worldwide. Their main motivation to be part of ProfessionalED is to take part in forming of a new group of youth trainers and youth leaders with whom they wish to cooperate in the years to come. And by doing so, to increase the quality of the projects and activities we deliver. Based in Czech Republic.
Czech Republic
Associação Future supports young people in their academic and professional transition moments by offering soft skills development programmes. They also organise university and job fairs in Portugal for students to have access to relevant information to take the most informed and conscious decisions. They believe that by joining ProfessionalED they will improve the quality of their work as trainers while helping to create a process that will make this professional development sustainable. They have a young and dynamic spirit with the strong belief that they indeed can improve the world by their daily work.
logo 60anni IBO Italia.jpg
IBO Italia is an NGO operating in the field of international volunteering since 1957. Their main activities are: International Cooperation projects promoting an inclusive education (in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa); Global Citizenship Education; IVS projects. IBO joined ProfessionalED to valorize the commitment and professionalism of the youth workers thanks to the exchange of best practices and methodologies in an international context.
Nieuw logo SIW.png
SIW is a non-profit organisation for (young) people to find their impact abroad. They organise international voluntary service group camps in the summer in the Netherlands, as well as long-term individual volunteering (including European Solidarity Corps). SIW joined the project to allow personal and professional development among their active members. They truly believe this will give ample space for growth through the trainings and activities implemented, which will be acknowledged through the innovative assessment tools that will be used. SIW is almost fully by volunteers, for volunteers. Based in Netherlands.
the Netherlands

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