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What your are applying for
3 high quality training with brand new integral learning methods.
Field work after each training to follow-up and put in practice what you have learnt. This can be a workshop, sessions in a training course, actions in the local community, a one-day programme in the local youth center. There will be different field work opportunities offered by your sending organisation and you will have 2 experts to support and assess your work on the field.
Assessment process: we bring you to the next level to prove your worth by data. SkillsBuilder universal framework will be our tool to do this and you will have solid data about where is your level and how to improve.
Community of practice: lively and active platform to maintain connection, create new projects, exchange information and browse from opportunities you can take as a youth trainer or youth worker.
Blueprint of the ProfessionalED project. First hand access to scheme of the project in order to repeat at your own organisation. Best practice to train and maintain the organic flow of new and professional staff.
By applying you commit to the complete cycle of the project (3 training course, field work after each one and the assessment process). The participation on each stages of the project is essential to reach the expected results connected to the improvement of each skills. Nevertheless it is needed to deliver the complete data-drive portfolio about your expertise as a youth trainer or youth worker. Therefore we ask you to apply keeping the long-term commitment in mind. If you are not sure yet, do not hesitate to share your concerns with us! Drop a line to email address and we will support you to take the full journey! We will provide with all the info you might require to make such a decision.
How to apply
We are selecting participants based on the motivation you write in the application form. We are selecting 5 participants from each country (Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Hungary) with the profile of beginner and expert, youth trainers and youth workers.
We evaluate and decide about the applications as we receive them, therefore it is important that you send the application form as soon as possible. The last day to send the application form is 15 July 2022.

Tamás Mahner
Egyesek Youth Association
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