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Efrsh Betak aspires to be Egypt's top platform for furniture and home decor discovery, with a user-friendly website for users to explore brands and locate stores. It involves stakeholders like data entry clerks, users, administrators, developers, and external parties like API providers, each with distinct roles and interests. Communication is managed through WhatsApp for immediate exchanges, Jira for task management, and Coda for documentation. The scope includes brand and location management, search functionality, user notifications, role-based permissions, and moderated brand reviews, with plans for mobile apps and e-commerce functionalities deferred. Key tools include Figma for UI design, a dashboard for content management, and the website for user interaction. The project also provides a list of acronyms for clarity and maintains a table of key project members for reference.

Project Vision

The vision of Efrsh Betak is to become Egypt's leading platform for discovering and evaluating furniture and home decor brands, providing users with easy access to reliable and up-to-date information about brands and store locations.

Project Mission

The mission of Efrsh Betak is to create a comprehensive, user-friendly website that offers users an exceptional experience in exploring furniture and home decor brands, enabling brands to effectively showcase their store locations and services, and fostering efficient communication between customers and brands.

Project Stakeholders

Data Entry Clerks
Role: Enter and update brand information, brand descriptions, and location details.
Interests: Ensure data accuracy and completeness, guarantee a smooth user experience.
Role: Explore brands, search for store locations, leave reviews and ratings.
Interests: Easily find information, read reviews and ratings from other users, receive notifications about updates and new offers.
Role: Manage roles and permissions, monitor reviews and ratings, handle notifications and updates.
Interests: Maintain platform integrity, ensure compliance with policies, provide a secure and reliable user experience.
Role: Develop and maintain the platform, add new features, resolve technical issues.
Interests: Ensure the system operates efficiently, regularly provide updates and new features, quickly address any technical problems.
External Parties such as API Service Providers (e.g., Google Maps)
Role: Provide necessary services and integrations for the website (e.g., Google Maps for location mapping).
Interests: Ensure smooth and efficient integration with their services, offer technical support when needed.
By addressing the needs and interests of these stakeholders, the Efrsh Betak project can achieve long-term success and deliver real value to both users and brands.

Communication Channels within the Team

Effective communication is crucial for the success of the Efrsh Betak project. The following channels will be used to facilitate smooth and efficient communication among team members:

1. WhatsApp Group (Efresh Betak 2024)

Purpose: For work discussions, quick updates, and immediate communication.
Instant messaging for real-time communication.
Sharing quick updates, urgent issues, and immediate clarifications.
Facilitating informal discussions and quick decision-making.

2. Jira

Purpose: To schedule the team's work and plan various tasks.
Creating different projects within Jira to organize tasks and workflows.
Assigning tasks to team members with deadlines and specific responsibilities.
Tracking progress and ensuring tasks are completed on time.
Facilitating collaboration through features like dual data selection and sub-task assignment.
Providing a centralized platform for managing project timelines, priorities, and deliverables.

3. Coda

Purpose: For documenting the project.
Writing and storing project documents, including specifications, plans, and reports.
Creating collaborative documents where team members can contribute and edit content.
Maintaining a structured repository of all project-related documentation for easy reference and future use.
Sharing detailed information, guides, and manuals with team members.

Summary of Communication Channels

WhatsApp Group (Efresh Betak 2024)
Real-time messaging for work discussions.
Quick updates and immediate clarifications.
Informal communication and quick decision-making.
Task scheduling and planning.
Assigning and tracking tasks with deadlines.
Collaboration and progress monitoring.
Organized and efficient project management.
Documenting project details.
Collaborative writing and editing.
Structured repository for all documentation.
Sharing detailed project information and guides.
By using these communication channels effectively, the Efrsh Betak team can ensure seamless collaboration, clear communication, and efficient project management.
Authors, Reviewers, and Stakeholders Table
Eng. Doaa Eldamaty
+20 122 326 9991
Eng. Mohamed Ghali
Project Manager
+20 122 060 6027
Eng. Eman Ahmed
Software Engineer
+20 101 741 0066
Eng. Lina
Frontend development
+20 102 498 2490
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions
Application Programming Interface
A set of tools and protocols for building and integrating software.
User Experience
The design and optimization of how users interact with the system.
User Interface
The visual and interactive elements of a system that users interact with.
An organized collection of data that can be easily accessed and managed.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
The protocol used for transmitting data over the web.
JavaScript Object Notation
A lightweight data interchange format based on text.
Project Manager
The person responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring the project.
Software Development Life Cycle
The process used for developing software from start to finish.


The Efrsh Betak project aims to create an online platform that showcases furniture and home decor brands in Egypt. The goal is to provide users with a comprehensive, user-friendly website that allows them to explore various brands, view product details, and find store locations efficiently.


In the past, there was a website built using WordPress. However, to meet the growing demands for ease of use, speed, and a unique presentation tailored to the project owner's vision, it was decided to rebuild the website using custom code. This approach ensures that the new platform is not only faster and more efficient but also offers a customized user experience that aligns with the specific requirements and preferences of the project owner.

Product Scope:

In Scope:
Brand Management:
Adding and managing brand information.
Providing detailed brand descriptions, product listings, and images.
Integration with Google Maps API for mapping physical store locations.
Location Mapping:
Integrating with Google Maps API for precise location marking.
Allowing users to search for brands by name or address and view their exact locations on the map.
Filter and Search Functionality:
Enabling users to filter brands by country, city, and area.
Dynamically filtering provinces based on the selected country and areas based on the selected city.
User Notifications:
Sending timely notifications to users about updates and changes in brand information.
Notifying users about changes in brand status or new brand listings.
User Roles and Permissions:
Implementing different user roles with specific permissions and access levels.
Ensuring users can only access features they are permitted to.
Brand Reviews and Ratings:
Allowing users to leave reviews and ratings for brands.
Moderating reviews by administrators to maintain quality.
Documentation and Training:
Providing user manuals, technical documentation, and training materials for various user roles.

Out of Scope:

iOS and Android Application Development.
Custom Integrations with Third-party Services.
E-commerce Functionality (e.g., purchasing, payment processing).
International Expansion.

Important Links

Purpose: Designing the user interface (UI) for the Efrsh Betak project. Figma is used as a tool for designing and structuring user interfaces to achieve a flexible and engaging user experience.
Who can work with it: Design team, front-end developers.
Purpose: Managing content and data for the Efrsh Betak project. The dashboard allows administrators and team members to add, edit, and delete content, manage users, and monitor the site's performance.
Who can work with it: Administrators, back-end developers, content managers.
Username: doaaeldamaty
password: password
Purpose: Displaying brands, products, and related information for users. The website provides an interactive experience for users to explore and purchase products from various brands.
Who can work with it: Development team, front-end and back-end developers, UI designers.
These links and resources aim to facilitate collaboration and provide access to necessary materials and tools for team members to successfully develop and manage the Efrsh Betak project.

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