Describe Image PTE: How to score better with tested tips

The Describe is the third prompt type task type in the speaking section. And while many concentrate on preparing well for the other segments, the Describe Image task in PTE does not get the same attention. Read on to get tested techniques for PTE Describe Image task practice.
Getting a decent score in PTE might not seem like a tremendous task, but if you are aiming for a great opportunity abroad, then just an average score will not help you. It is just blasphemy to think that prep for specific tasks is not as important as the others. Many feel that tasks like Describe Image in PTE do not require much effort and can be handled easily. But Describe Image can be one of the most challenging aspects of PTE.

What is Describe Image in PTE?

Describe Image for Pearson PTE: Pearson English Language Tests demand rigorous prep; you have to describe the critical information in an image, a graph, a series of graphs, pie charts, a diagram, a table, or a map in less than 40 seconds. You get 25 seconds to prepare before speaking.

How to answer describe image in PTE?

We all have done descriptive writing in our English classes, but describing an image while speaking is a different ball game.
PTE evaluation algorithm checks you for your sentence structure and paragraph formation. Therefore, the best way to describe an image in PTE or chart with the right answer is to present it in three parts:
An introductory statement
The key highlights
The conclusion

Different types of PTE describe images

In the PTE exam, you will encounter different types of PTE images, such as:
Bar Graph
Line graph
Venn Diagram
Flowchart diagram
Pie Chart
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