Redactle is like Wordle and Wikipedia combined, and I'm addicted.

It's quite difficult to find a redacted Wikipedia article using the game Redactle.
could well be the finest game I've played in weeks, even if there are now more Wordle clones than there are people in the world.
It presents a challenge to decipher a redacted Wikipedia page word by word until you learn what the topic is, which will appeal to anybody who likes going into a Wikipedia wormhole. And I'll tell you right now: it's difficult.
Even while Redactle(opens in new tab) teaches you basic terms (such "of," "the," and "in") right away, you start out practically in the dark. Additionally, it's unclear what words to first estimate since you have no clue what the topic is—you just know that it's one of Wikipedia's 10,000 "important" articles(opens in new tab).
As you play a word, a counter showing how often, if at all, it occurs in the article shows on the right side of the screen. Naturally, it is also exposed inside the page, allowing you to piece together whole phrases and get insight on what more to infer. Additionally, you may just click a word in the list to be directed to each occurrence.
I've only played one game so far, but I soon recognized that the secret was to focus on a single topic. If you use too general a term, like "time," you could not learn very lot. However, if you are too particular, you will probably simply be informed that your term is completely absent. I'll be attempting categories of things tomorrow in an effort to improve on my pitiful first attempt, which required 130 guesses.
The main similarities between Wordle and other online games are that they are both free, only one is available each day, and that they may both be played online. The latter is crucial, however, since I've spent far too much time reading Wikipedia pages on something as easy as London and then spending two hours reading about the gestation length of sloths or something like.
Your guess count, accuracy (how many words you accurately predicted were in the article), and how those numbers compare to everyone else who played the game that day are all provided to you after you've discovered the solution. In my situation, not so good.
Wordle-style, you also have the option to share your ranking, however doing so only copies a message with your data to the clipboard. Here, there are no odd green and yellow squares.
One game was all it took for me to decide that I would be playing it every day from now on and that it would be a worthy addition to our list of the top Wordle substitutes, along with apps like Hurdle, Quordle, and Adverswordle. Although I'll hold off on starting this much trickier problem until I've figured out today's Wordle solution.
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