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Puppy Training

Puppy Training

A document to track your pup's potty schedule and training
A Little History
I have been volunteering with canine search and rescue (SAR) since 2012. My first dog, Maverick, was 1.5 yrs old at the time and we had just started on a grand adventure. I knew next to nothing! I soon realized that Maverick was way smarter then I was!!!! A few years later, Merlin joined our pack with intentions to also become a SAR dog. Merlin ended up not making it as a working dog but he cemented a spot in the pack by being the best snuggle pup around. With Maverick getting older, and with me starting to think about retiring him, I knew the time was right to start looking for my next SAR dog. So at the beginning of 2019, Marshall came home to stay and very quickly showed the makings of a great working dog. I knew pretty quickly I needed to be able to track his schedule to make potty training easier! So I decided that a Coda Doc would be perfect for this!! Check out the Instructions link above for more information on how to use this Doc.

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