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(dog)'s Medical Records
(Dog)'s Medical Records


See the instructions below for each section to understand how to document works. Don’t forget to change the “(dog)” in the section title name to your pups name!!! The few records in each table are there for example and should be deleted once you start using the document!
Use this Section to add important information about your dog.
Make sure to follow the video to add a photo of the dog. Then delete the video!
The Dog's weight, respiratory rate, heart rate and temp all also calculated from the Vet Visits table. So don't forget to ask while at the vet office.
Add the Vet's information under the correct section.
Add the Shot reminders at the bottom to see in at a glance when the dog is due at the vets. The Shot column is populated from the Medications List.
Use this section to keep track of your vet visits.
Use the "Add Visit" Button to add records to the table from your phone while at the vet's office.
Reason column is for why you went to the vet (Annual Exam, Skin irritation, etc.)
Notes column is for the results of any test or directions from the vet ( heartworm test-negative, Skin scrape-negative, etc.)
Don't forget to populate the Vet Visited column in case you see a different vet than normal.
Use the receipt column to take a picture of the visit print out.
The Medication column in the Vet Visit Table is populated from the Medications list. Don't forget to add the medication there first!
Populate any Medications, Shots, Heartworm, & Flea preventives to the Medication List.
Use this list to track how many times the Dog has received a shot or medication.
Use this section to keep track of any condition you may need to monitor for your dog.
The calendar view can be seen best on a computer and not your phone. But the calendar does have formatting set to the scale on the Diary Table.
If you need to keep track of another condition besides Allergies, you can change the title and icon at the top of the page. Or simply duplicate the Allergy Records section to track another condition as well as an Allergy.

Once you are familiar with the document, feel free to delete this Instructions Section.

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