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Here we build, explore, share, experiment, and generally try to help you be the best Representative you can be.
This is a work in progress and will likely continue to evolve year over year. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how to improve this space.
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is a place where we compile projects, community metrics, and legal cases specific to your district. This space needs to be configured with information from your respective organization however you can view the mock data here to get a sense of what we aim to provide you with.
The is where you will find templates, Ai assistants, and anything else we’ve found that can help you go from the 50,000 foot view of your candidacy all the way down to the day-to-day X’s and O’s of running and / or serving.
The is where you can browse a list of your peers and see where they’re located, what role they serve in, and a bio.
The is where you will find existing mentors and a form to request help or offer yourself as a resource to others in our network.
is where you will find articles, podcasts, videos, any anything else that is focused on spreading knowledge of the various topics elected officials find important.
is where you will find alumni rallying around a particular cause or effort. As part of your onboarding you selected areas of interest which correspond with our team groupings. You can join as many or as few as you desire, but if you do join get ready to join existing initiatives or suggest one of your own.

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