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Policy Aide

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Policy Aide

Welcome to your Policy Aide

The Policy Aide is an exercise tool to help you prepare and engage with important policy issues. Simply enter a policy topic and receive comprehensive insights, including for/against arguments, a policy position, a policy statement, and ready-to-share social media posts. With this tool, you'll have the information you need to make informed decisions and effectively communicate your position with colleagues & constituents.
Start by expanding the “Policy Analyst” tab.
Then click “Analyze New Policy Topic” and enter a policy type you’d like to explore.
You will be provided with a: “For Argument”, “Against Argument”, “Policy Position”, a “Counter Agreement” to your hypothetical position and a “Policy Statement”.
You’ll also notice your aide will produce “Facebook and Twitter Posts” incase you want to announce your position.
Once you’re done with your exercise, click “Archive” to log your results in the Policy Archive.
***Sharing can be configured with additional set-up***
***Remember, this is only an aide and meant to help you prepare. You should always form your own positions when considering policy***
***Though this is exponentially more affordable than hiring a policy aide, each analyzed topic utilizes AI and incurs a small financial cost (roughly $1.40 per Policy Topic with current pricing from OpenAI)***

Policy Analyst

Analyze New Policy Topic
Creation of a Block Steward program where residents are compensated with free access to city facilities, events, and receive a cash stipend for completing a regular block audit where they report issues with city property and also organize block parties, block yard sales, and litter clean-ups.
Incentives for renovating historic retail properties
Policy Type
Estimated Hours
Analyze Policy
Archive Policy
Share Policy
1/20/2024, 1:34 PM
For Argument
Against Argument
Policy Position
Counter Argument
Ordinance Framework
Draft Ordinance
Implementation Plan
Facebook Post
Twitter Post

Remember to archive your topic to keep Policy Aide from slowing down.

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