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Top 4 Best Red Dot Sight for Browning Hi Power of 2024

The Browning Hi-Power is a legendary pistol with a devoted following. If you're looking to modernize this classic design, a red dot sight is the perfect upgrade.
But, choosing the right red dot can be tricky. In this article, we'll explore the best red dots for your Browning Hi-Power, helping you achieve enhanced precision and faster target acquisition.
My choices:
Note: This article is based on my personal experience. While the products I offer might not be perfect for everyone, they could be a great fit for others.

Top 4 Best Red Dot Sight for Browning Hi Power

Trijicon RMR

Trijicon RMR Type 2.jpg
My Browning Hi Power is a timeless pistol, a legendary design known for its ergonomics and smooth operation. But to elevate its performance for competition and everyday carry, I needed a red dot sight that wouldn't compromise its iconic silhouette. The Trijicon RMR fits the bill perfectly – a rugged miniature marvel that modernizes my Hi Power without sacrificing its classic lines.
Specs and Strength:
Compact and durable: The RMR packs a powerful red dot into a surprisingly small footprint. It sits low on the Hi Power's slide, maintaining a comfortable grip and excellent balance.
Military-grade construction: Built to Trijicon's high standards, the RMR can handle the recoil of powerful rounds and the everyday wear and tear of concealed carry.
Dual illumination: Choose between the self-illuminating tritium powered red dot for low-light situations or the LED option with adjustable brightness for daylight use. No batteries required for tritium!
Multiple dot options: Select between various red dot sizes to find the perfect balance between speed and precision for different shooting applications.
Powerhouse in a Tiny Package:
Despite its miniature size, the Trijicon RMR delivers a clear and crisp red dot reticle.
This allows for significantly faster target acquisition compared to iron sights, especially beneficial for competition shooting and quick draws.
The ability to switch between tritium and LED illumination is a great feature – I use tritium for nightstand duty and LED for daytime range sessions.
Why Trijicon for My Hi Power?
There are many red dot options on the market, but for my Browning Hi Power, Trijicon's RMR offers some key advantages:
Perfect Size and Balance: The RMR's compact design integrates seamlessly with the Hi Power's profile, preserving the classic lines of the pistol while enhancing its functionality.
Bombproof Construction: Trijicon's reputation for rugged optics is unmatched, giving me peace of mind when using the Hi Power for concealed carry or competition.
Dual Illumination Options: The tritium and LED options provide excellent versatility for any lighting condition, eliminating the need for separate night sights.
A Note on Mounting Options:
The RMR typically requires slide milling for proper installation on a Hi Power. While some users might prefer pre-drilled slides, the custom milling process allows for a lower profile mount specific to the pistol.
Since mounting the Trijicon RMR on my Browning Hi Power, it's become an even more capable pistol. The red dot sight allows for lightning-fast target acquisition and improved accuracy, making it a significant upgrade for competition and everyday carry. The classic look of the Hi Power remains, but its performance is undeniably enhanced.
The Trijicon RMR is a popular choice among Browning Hi Power enthusiasts, and online forums are buzzing with discussions about its compact size, dual illumination, and clear dot picture. While some users might mention the need for slide milling, most agree the performance and Trijicon's reputation justify the investment for a cherished pistol like the Hi Power.
If you're looking for a red dot sight that seamlessly integrates with your Browning Hi Power, offering modern performance without sacrificing its classic design, the Trijicon RMR is the ideal choice. It's a tiny titan that packs a punch, turning your Hi Power into a versatile and capable performer.

Holosun 407K X2

Holosun 407K.jpg
My Browning Hi Power is a legend – a timeless design known for its ergonomics, reliability, and classic good looks. But for faster target acquisition and a touch of modern capability, I wanted to explore a micro red dot sight. Enter the Holosun 407K X2 – a feature-packed mini marvel that's become an inseparable part of my Hi Power setup. Here's why the 407K X2 is the perfect upgrade for my Hi Power:
Micro Might with Macro Features:
Ultra-Compact Design: The 407K X2 boasts an incredibly low profile and lightweight construction, disappearing on the already slim Hi Power. It adds minimal bulk and maintains the pistol's excellent handling characteristics for comfortable carry or target shooting.
Military-Grade Muscle: Don't let its size fool you! The 407K X2 is built from high-strength aluminum alloy and features a waterproof and shockproof design. It can handle the bumps and scrapes of everyday carry or range days.
Dual Reticle System: Choose between a 2 MOA red dot for quick close-quarters shooting or a 65 MOA circle-dot reticle for faster target acquisition and improved shot precision at distance. This versatility makes it suitable for various shooting scenarios.
Superior Battery Life: The 407K X2 boasts a staggering battery life exceeding 50,000 hours on a single CR1632 battery. Focus on shooting, not battery changes.
Solar Backup: Even in low-light conditions, the 407K X2 automatically adjusts brightness or utilizes its solar backup system to keep the reticle illuminated – a unique feature in this class of micro red dot sights.
Enhanced Performance for the Hi Power:
The 407K X2 shines in its compact design, robust build quality, and innovative dual reticle system.
The sight disappears seamlessly on the Hi Power, maintaining its classic lines while offering a significant advantage in speed and versatility.
The 2 MOA dot allows for lightning-fast close-quarters shooting, while the 65 MOA circle-dot reticle helps with quick target acquisition and precision aiming at extended distances.
The exceptional battery life and solar backup system are additional bonuses, ensuring reliable operation in any situation.
A Match Made in Browning Heaven:
The 407K X2 integrates perfectly with the Hi Power's design. The low profile sight picture allows for quick transitions between the red dot and iron sights if needed. The lightweight construction doesn't affect the balance of the pistol, making it feel like an extension of my hand.
A Minor Consideration:
With its feature set, the 407K X2 leans more towards feature-richness. Some users might prefer a simpler red dot design without the additional circle-dot reticle. However, the option to switch between reticles makes it highly adaptable.
My Experience:
The Holosun 407K X2 has transformed the way I use my Browning Hi Power. The red dot has significantly improved my target acquisition speed and overall shooting experience. The versatility of the reticles allows me to confidently use the pistol for close-quarters defense or target shooting at the range. It's a feature-packed powerhouse that perfectly complements the Hi Power's legendary design.
What Others Are Saying:
The Holosun 407K X2 is a popular choice for micro red dot applications due to its compact size, feature set, and price point. Online forums are filled with positive reviews praising its durability, dual reticle system, and long battery life. However, some discussions mention a preference for a simpler red dot design, and a few users have commented on a slightly larger footprint compared to some other micro red dot sights.
Overall, the Holosun 407K X2 is an outstanding micro red dot sight for the Browning Hi Power. It's a feature-rich, compact, and reliable option that significantly enhances the pistol's capabilities for personal defense, target shooting, and various shooting applications. If you're looking to upgrade your Hi Power with a modern and versatile red dot sight, the 407K X2 is definitely a top contender.

Holosun 507K X2

Holosun 507K.jpg
My Browning Hi Power is a timeless classic, but adding a Holosun 507K X2 red dot sight takes it to a whole new level. It's like giving a legendary pistol a modern makeover – boosting performance without sacrificing its iconic design. Here's why the 507K X2 has become the perfect micro red dot for my Hi Power:
Choose between a 2 MOA dot or Circle-Plus-Dot reticle: Offers adaptability for different situations (fast acquisition or precise aiming).
Solar Cells and CR1632 battery: Keeps the reticle illuminated even with a dead battery.
Shake Awake™ technology: Automatically powers on with movement.
IPX8 waterproof rating: Built to handle the elements.
Lightweight and compact design: Disappears seamlessly on the Hi Power's frame.
Big Performance in a Tiny Package:
The 507K X2's biggest advantage is its miniature size. It sits perfectly on the Hi Power's slim frame, adding minimal bulk while making a significant difference in performance. The option between a 2 MOA dot and a Circle-Plus-Dot reticle is fantastic. I can choose a precise aiming point for target shooting or a faster acquisition circle for close-quarters encounters.
Another big win is the dual power system. The combination of solar cells and a CR1632 battery means never having to worry about a dead reticle – it uses ambient light to keep it illuminated even with a depleted battery. Plus, the Shake Awake™ feature ensures the sight is ready when I am, with no fumbling for buttons.
Enhanced Carry Confidence:
Since adding the 507K X2, my confidence with the Hi Power as a carry pistol has skyrocketed. My sight picture acquisition is lightning fast, and my shot placement has noticeably improved. The red dot stays visible in various lighting conditions, and the lightweight design keeps the overall carry profile comfortable. Online forums are abuzz with praise for how well the 507K X2 disappears on the Hi Power platform.
A Slight Trade-Off:
It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. The buttons on the 507K X2 can be a bit on the small side, especially with gloves on. It takes some practice to manipulate them comfortably. Additionally, some users online have mentioned a slight dot dimming on the highest brightness setting in full sunlight.
Real World Everyday Carry:
Despite these minor drawbacks, the Holosun 507K X2 has become an integral part of my Browning Hi Power setup. It's a perfect blend of size, performance, and reliability for concealed carry.
The red dot makes every draw and presentation more confident, knowing I can acquire my target quickly and precisely. Online discussions are filled with positive experiences about the 507K X2's durability on various micro-carry pistols, and so far, mine has performed flawlessly through everyday carry and range days.
If you're looking for a micro red dot sight to elevate your Browning Hi Power's capabilities without sacrificing its classic lines, the Holosun 507K X2 is a fantastic choice. It offers the perfect combination of size, features, and performance, making it a worthy upgrade for your legendary carry pistol.
With its growing popularity on the Hi Power platform, online forums are a great resource for finding out more about the 507K X2's effectiveness in concealed carry situations and user experiences from other Hi Power enthusiasts.

Swampfox Sentinel

Swampfox Sentinel.jpg
My Browning Hi-Power is a timeless design, a legend in the world of semi-automatic pistols. But even legends can benefit from modern advancements. Enter the Swampfox Sentinel red dot sight. This miniature red dot seamlessly integrates with the Hi-Power's profile, offering a significant performance boost without compromising its classic lines. Here's why it's become my go-to setup:
Specs & Features:
Ultra-compact, milled aluminum housing: Designed for concealed carry pistols, the Sentinel adds minimal bulk to the Hi-Power's profile. It maintains the pistol's comfortable grip and handling characteristics.
Multiple reticle options: Choose between a 2 MOA dot or a 6 MOA circle-dot reticle. I opted for the 2 MOA dot for its balance between precision and speed on my Hi-Power for target shooting and potential defensive situations.
IPX8 waterproof rating: The Sentinel can withstand submersion – a major plus for a carry pistol that might encounter rain or other harsh elements.
Mechanical controls with lock-out feature: The easy-to-use buttons allow quick brightness adjustments, and the lock-out function prevents accidental button presses during carry.
Advantages & My Experience:
The Swampfox Sentinel has transformed the way I use my Hi-Power:
Unmatched Speed & Accuracy: The red dot eliminates sight picture wobble and allows for lightning-fast target acquisition, especially in dynamic situations. My groupings have tightened up significantly at the range.
Concealment Comfort: The Sentinel's compact design integrates flawlessly with the Hi-Power's lines. It doesn't snag on clothing or print excessively, making it a great choice for concealed carry.
Always Operational & Ready: The IPX8 waterproof rating and long battery life ensure the red dot is up for any challenge, from competition shooting to unexpected situations.
Disadvantages & Considerations:
Of course, it's not perfect:
Limited Field of View: As with any red dot, the sight picture is smaller than iron sights. It requires some practice to adjust your sight acquisition process.
Lesser-Known Brand: Swampfox is a relatively new name in red dot sights compared to some established brands. Some users might prefer the comfort of a more well-known manufacturer.
What People Are Saying:
Browning Hi-Power forums are abuzz with discussions about red dot upgrades. While some purists prefer the classic look and feel, many users are embracing the Swampfox Sentinel for its compact size, multiple reticle options, and durability features. One user even called it a "hidden gem" for Hi-Power shooters who want the speed and precision of a red dot without sacrificing concealability.
The Swampfox Sentinel might not be the most recognizable name in red dots, but for those who want a modern upgrade for their Browning Hi-Power that prioritizes performance and concealability, it's a fantastic option. The speed, precision, comfort, and durability features make it a worthwhile investment in my experience. It's a great way to breathe new life into a classic pistol while making it more relevant for target shooting and potential defensive use.


Choosing the best red dot for your Browning Hi Power requires balancing classic style with modern functionality. Consider your budget, the size and weight you prefer, and features like automatic brightness adjustment to find your perfect companion for a legendary firearm.
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