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About You+me+the Missing Science

DOC Peter, Director Of substantial Communication overcoming the Missing Science
Polly Rose

I live with the justifieable H1-hope of fulfilling the g-general value of the R-(re)solution for the H3-reality of living on .

Specifically, I do this in tune with my X=9Pp being by fulfilling the corresponding F5-fundamental task of Pp-preparing substantial processes to that end. So please do not try to engage me simply as part of the debate you are part of; this site is about the basics hiden by organized science. From 1944-79 I increasingly engaged in hard, i.e. quantitative science of nature up to a Ph.D. in Laboratory Astrophysics, 1973, to then establish the Cryptology Lab of the Swiss Army with the emerging computer power and an outstanding way of collaboration. Based on that experience I found the way to model real human systems no longer in inadequate personally-neutral words but with 1728 personally relevant open-ended generative principles (oegp). Such was my call to follow my vocation based on WHO I AM. My innate 9Pp-potential (in APS oegp-terms by which who you really are too, beyond identifying with a debate - which usually all end up as part of another problem) allowed me in 1979 to work out the ...
... oegp Foundation of Applied Personal Science APS©
Based on my text, my wife Diane, above in the photo with me, spoke the video designed by ; we collaborate in Switzerland learning by facing our challenges from with - all the books and media hypes.
Diane and I live in .
With the APS-approach to human existence we have been coherently synthesizing the relationship truths in what we have experienced to understand about history; our own in ourselves, and as part of humanity with its overestimated leaders. In their institutions they pretend to be more or less altruistic, allowing people, and on their levels of authority, themselves, more or less freedom to live, work, and learn for themselves within the maintained zeitgeist structure of society. As long as that framework remains centered solely in legalizing the possession of body, opinion and personality, i.e. insubstantially personally-neutral, (wo)man remains humanity’s worst enemy! Actually, people with all the justice system, philosophy and psychology, cannot be done justice that way! Life is an individual matter as is mine and your being in its Life- through Task-Fulfillment! That is what all human culture should be concerned about in view of emotionally-synchronizing our attitudes to each other to be able to walk sufficiently in each other’s shoes to allow synergy; to be a blessing rather than a self-destructive curse we all try to overcome.
Lifefulfillment is less and less supported by the mainstream pretending to be the solution for the problem they have actually become by denying individual’s any substance and rather divide it from the people to rule them. Only real human beings have the substance to make and solve problems which stem from the misunderstandings of those concerned; from who/what else? The universe and nature have no problem; insubstantial, they evolve within their general laws of physics. All other life forms which are not aware of the meaning of their substance, just get threats and opportunities for survival without any philosophical sense of ownership. The same applies to abstract entities such as societies and “human”; their ‘sense’ comes from those individuals concerned; collectives get it similarly, being insubstantial in themselves, from the assumed leverage of definition power applied by their elites’ power games. Therefore we need the Applied Personal Science about the relationship truths about what disrupts life on the dark side, and the potential to fulfill its essence within oneself self and among each other, and as orientation of how to implement that in living together.

I know how people react to this challenge

But are YOU people? Modeling the personally relevant relationship truths for life- through task-fulfillment to apply them with people of good will
is neither short nor simple; it is of life-long relevance; YOUR life is the answer of how YOU deal with it
it entails more than one question, at the bottom of which is the basic, deep one: OPTION II to be or OPTION I not to be!
it is a personal matter as your life and the substance to fulfill it with is!
Issac Newton modeled the laws of mechanics; its applications changed the face of the Earth with all the made possible M-Manipulation Know-how.
Seemingly no longer needing to have to be responsible for such O-basic orientation with all the switches and spin at our command, it now sounds strange to consider any entities’ substance in a world obsessed with just fixing its problems caused by applying MANIPULATION know-how with more in that insubstantial ‘anything goes’ subject-object thinking. Even more so, every birth process seems strange at its onset; Johann Wolfgang Goethe could not cope with it, nor can those who identify with his wordy black art culture evoked in Weimar (East Germany). That place became a stronghold for the Nazi ideology in the last, the most horrible 20th century. It’s intellectual basis is still propagated as the top of the ‘humanities’ in teaching, while in fact it is black art - getting something out for nothing à la Dr. Faust...
Let us face it, successful human beings on all levels have at least understood that they need to invest, before they can harvest and/or rise to the next level: Here you can learn to invest in the O-basic orientation by understanding what matters to able to keep M / O = STRESS in distress range where SYNERGY is possible

Experience and Basics

with X>m>A>G>more substantially renewed X inner fulfillment has culminated in modeling the Think-Systems behind organized sciences and the human systems limited by their ZG-G>A>T>x productivity, and beyond them, those possible by really understanding the X-inner being’s substance of those engaged...
My wife Diane joined this quest and married me 1988, as an Australian coming from Sydney as a Language+History teacher
To mention some of the thousands of people world-wide I have accompanied and engaged with their APS-modeled options:
Roger Zamofing, Switzerland, a loyal supporter, challenging the elite
Claudio Lütscher, Switzerland, film producer and partner in many projects
Melissa Sterling, Calgary Canada supportive in founding the
Alexander Christiani, Switzerland who introduced me to Story Telling Marketing
Dalia Harami, USA, allowing me to transcend BANK-Coding for business
and many more to whom I owe encouragement and challenges to X>TAG drilling deeper into the options real human beings have available and the corresponding relationship truths now available in a coherent life-practical application system with an to problems and the open personal questions of organized sciences it can deal with to become part of the solution.

What we are actually about

2019/20: Pointing to the fact the organized sciences have lost all their credibility when it comes to human systems. This is exemplified by how spin doctors have dealt with even the numbers about the Corona cases in disrupting ways with hidden agendas, let alone the cause and effect they confused with their their intellectual spin. On that bases their basis, NOBODY can and want to understand anybody else with all the consequences that entails. Among other thinking catastrophes this was exemplified by the evoked human catastrophe on the Titanic.
Now it has become utmost urgent to reframe the purpose of science towards accounting for the OPTION II O-orientation in using M-manipulation Know-how under OPTION I in view of
M / O = STRESS < DEATH - to finally cope among others, with the rising environmental catastrophes...
In November 2019 I was working with people in Calgary (Canada) - Los Angeles USA - Düsseldorf (Germany) and ongoing in the GlobalFamily I; in this international group it was possible to document the way people relate face-to face and on social media to realistically optimize modeling the options of making use of life energies (e-motions) with
- the default 8 ‘dark-inner evil’ (formally self-destructive) voices,
- those framed by the 12 levels of intellectual hierarchy and
- the impact of the resulting cultures and state with
- the disruptive history in which empires end in vicious circles
- under the OPTION I rat race for mass-attractivity, and
- on the other hand, what is possible with the OPTION II’s potential with its 16 innate personally-relevant states available for Life- through Task-Fulfillment towards LifeFulfilling Platforms...
1979-2019: Making Applied Personal Science fully applicable with up-to-date IT-tools

Call for Action to become part of the solution

Are you worrying about what your are really dependent on? Then let me model your options in terms of your relationship truths to obtain a basis for setting your priorities in giving meaning and investing your resources and energies:
; fill it in with your requirements for a , send it to ‘’:
in case the email set-up does not work for your program:
Surname: … Family Name: ...
considering my life from its onset with my birth date: DD.MM.YYY: ...
NOW in my actual life phase: …
at WORK: …
and private LIFE: …
need to get clear about: ...
Below is the alternative to remaining part of the problem that OPTION I pretends to be the solution for; you may default or prefer a self- or other-determined hidden agenda of aiming at some kind of mass-attractivity or simply waiting to be convinced by others. Here are the voices below which overwrite understanding the above opportunity...

Intellectual Edifice, collapsed Nov. 24, 2016

Creator =corrupted by man to the word “God”>
=giving rise to> The Tree of Wordy Knowledge
=with its 8 voices of the>
ZG-self-destructive zeitgeist’s man-made
(making the word’s meaning flying carpets) evolution
?0 illusions (dream time, mystics, spin, ideologies, paradigms) about the disruptive ZG-dynamic
*3 Social Darwinian ego-survival in the midst of the ZG’s mobbing and its pre-trans-trapping history - misusing what PREceeds the TRAP to closing it in words against any TRANScending solution to such formally closed traps’ self-destructive dynamic (in physics via entropy increase up to the disordering of meaningless chaos of the expanding universe into nothingness - nirvana)!
%1 politically correct ways to rule (wo)man by (wo)man by dividing those concerned with OPTION II from the commonly aspired to ZG-OPTION I, which ends in zero-sum games in fear of each other
%5 more or less socially compatible disruptive manipulations of %1 ending in vicious circles
%6 projecting the spin-doctored mainstream opinions rising like the Phoenix from the ashes to a new ZG-trend
+2 with increasing greed for more of the same insubstantial makeshift
-4 displacing unpleasant consequence onto others, i.e. scapegoats
Culture, society, associations, parties, to some degree religions (e.g. ’Christians’ sublimating their conscience with some scribe’s interpretation of the Bible to become a mental product of their man-made cultivated church; this is how a scribe defined himself in the social media), the internet is full of offers with the same style to convince people in target groups of services, ranging from training in persuasive rhetoric - story telling - branding - marketing - online businesses - trading, networking, (affiliate, push and other) marketing hypes - coaching - study courses - social media to shift people’s life into the realm of the virtual OPTION I 8 die-voices for those afraid to invest their substantial life time and energy into their OPTION II...
According to the FUTURE ZEITGEIST (as short as humanity still can have such a future) will be set up by Quantum Artificial Intelligence working like a team of hundreds of cities. This entails millions of automated citizens in each city going into stock markets, spending 12 hours a day gathering information. In the evening, these ‘cities’ come together to exchange and compare what they have gathered. Then what’s called ‘kings of the cities’ analyze all information and try to find mistakes in the stock market indicating the trends (Bill Clinton: “It’s all economy, stupid!). Once they have got a certain trending topic related to a big company, AI analyzes if the trend is long or short. If the trend is long, it bets on the stock rising, if the trend is short, for the stock falling. It will get that simple; YOU will not be needed beyond representing a sociometric unit in a target group to be modeled by AI. And then you bet other AIs will counter-act the former’s underlying intention tempted by an AI-Serpent in that best of all worlds ending in the worst possible ones as predicted in the Bible...
Members have access to the basic ‘question moderator’ (precursor to AI) below with the questions relevant to add or update the ones they want answered. The question author and up-voters columns are hidden by default to avoid voter bias. Learn about hidden columns in this .
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To the point

1) Here is the prepared RISK M/O=STRESS<DEATH: In the Corona-Show the focus was on M-manipulating people for the first time globally, for weeks with confusing O-orientation to get synchronized compliance! The orientation I offer you aims at understanding what really matters for each and every human being:
2) Clearly, that entails understanding each others' personally relevant substance which allows emotionally-synchronized relationships!
3) The benefit of this OPTION II is SYNERGY - achieving more with Life- through Task-Fulfillment than with the OPTION I of e-motional competition with the 8 dark-inner evil voices in the rat-race for mass-attractivity!
4) If you are prepared to make my hints personally relevant to YOU reproducible within 2 DAYS, you get the opportunity to transform your work/life balance within 2 WEEKS towards your OPTION II capable to fulfill it provided you overcome the temptations of OPTION I minded sheople to become again a bird of their feather to flock with them in their self-destructive zeitgeist ride! Instead allow yourself, with or without opinions, rather to grow substantially implementing your OPTION II as part of the solution - based on what is made missing under OPTION I; Applied Personal Science.
Question Moderator
Discussion / Answer
Votes Up
How can I understand WHO I am in terms of what I am here for?
... in terms of your to be identified open-ended generative principle!
HOW can I fulfill my life to leave a desirable legacy?
... by qualifying your oegp in its inner growth in 5-year cycles beginning with your birth!
WHAT energies, resources and support do I have available to accomplish what is necessary?
... the e-motional cycle and 16 essential states of coherent being!
WHO and WHAT is in my way and why?
... the 8 dark-inner evil (self-destructive) voices!
WHERE can I get the orientation about how to fulfill my tasks sufficiently with my call to fulfill my life?
... the feedback via perception and the experience (soul) of your inner conscience!
HOW can I get synergy within myself and others?
... in eustress achieved by tuning in to emotional-synchronization!
WHAT about good and evil; is there God/Devil - if yes with what intentions?
Good is the TRUTH which on your PATH leads to LIFE’s personally relevant fulfillment of yourself and those concerned!
WHY has the intellectual wordy culture failed so terribly?
because its personally-neutral words cannot do justice to real human systems!
WHY is art in the mainstream still considered higher than substantial science? And that despite the fact of the terrible human-catastrophes that were evoked by thinking catastrophes implemented by its various Artificial, intellect-based Intelligence - just because the latter seems easier than the former by which real human beings are still formatted as merely ‘humans’?
Ask the Serpent: With its art you can pretend to become god-like! APS allows you ‘just’ to understand the Creator’s superior, meaningful order sufficiently by opening up to HIS revealed intention with you, others, and mankind; in your conscience for you to become part of the solution!
HOW can personal insights be shared in personally relevant ways with others? Even historically speaking, this has become more and more difficult after the Fall?
By parameterization made possible with Applied Personal Science modeling humans with their inner resources’ fulfillment in different common general social dimensions, rather than prejudging them in view of the wordy zeitgeist.
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