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Oil & Gas Tracker

At last, there is a new database system to solve the document tracking issues involved in the oil and gas leasing business.

Oil & Gas Tracker is aware of many elements, such as: property description, township, county, and state. Copies of the lease documents are attached to the lease interest record.

Where the oil or gas interest is under lease, information on the various lease holders is shown, if known, as well as contact information for the various county and township offices related to the lease. In those instances where periodic financial information is forwarded, that information can also be attached to the lease record.

A main function of Oil & Gas Tracker is to help management learn whether a specific oil or gas interest is under lease. The township and county information can be used to help find out what the status of the property is according to the local tax rolls.

There is also a link available for all 50 states’ escheat departments in case royalty funds have been unable to be forwarded and thus escheated to the state for holding.

Oil & Gas Tracker resides on Coda, the powerful, internationally known all-in-one collaborative workspace. Major corporations and professional groups use Coda around the world. Coda is the industrial strength client information manager with a new kind of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. Because Coda runs on Amazon’s AWS, your information is available to you on all devices: computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads.

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